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Blood Pressure

With every heartbeat, blood is being pushed out to the other organs and tissues in the body, carrying with it needed nutrients and oxygen. And blood pressure is the measurement of how much and how forcefully blood is pumped through your arteries. Having high blood pressure is one of the most common age-related cardiovascular problems. For many of us, shooting for what is considered normal blood pressure, less than 120/80 mmHg, is difficult due to chronic stress, poor diets, and other lifestyle factors.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is known as a silent killer because it can persist for years without any symptoms. But over time, chronic high blood pressure puts additional stress on blood vessels and the heart and increases your risk of heart failure, heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms.

Be proactive before it’s too late. While you might not be able to change some risk factors of high blood pressure, like age and family history, you can certainly make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to support healthy blood pressure levels.

Shop our selection of blood pressure supplements that help to keep the arteries toned and clear of plaque build-up. And you won’t find any magnesium stearate or other manufacturing agents in our supplements. We only use pure ingredients so you can take full advantage of each nutrient.

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