Blood Sugar

Maintaining proper blood sugar (blood glucose) levels is important during all stages of the lifecycle. And it’s important for everyone, not just those who have been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder like diabetes.

Our bodies are fueled by sugar, or more accurately the basic chemical units called glucose. There’s an intricate choreography between the liver, the pancreas, the hormone insulin, and the blood that keeps blood sugar levels steady and your cells properly energized.

Blood sugar levels rise and fall throughout the day in response to various factors. It rises when you eat carbohydrates, when you’re physically inactive, when you’re stressed, when you’re fighting an illness or infection, or as a side effect of some medications. Conversely, blood sugar falls when you skip a meal or eat too few carbs, when you drink alcohol, when you do strenuous physical activity, or again sometimes as a side effect to certain medications.

There are dangers associated with both chronically low and chronically high blood sugar. Too little can lead to fatigue, dizziness, impaired vision, and unconsciousness. Too much can contribute to insulin resistance (type II diabetes), which can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves.

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