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Bone Health

The skeletal frame provides structure and strength to the body, as well as protects some of our vital organs. To remain mobile and active, your bones and connective tissues need to be nourished just like the organ systems in the body.

As we get older, our tired bones become more susceptible to fractures and breaks due to poor bone density. But even the diet, medications, and other diseases can take a toll on your bones at any age. So start preventing poor bone density now.

While bone health protocols have always been associated with calcium intake, there are other important nutrients to consider. If you’re taking supplemental calcium, make sure you’re also getting the right complementary vitamins and minerals, too. Calcium alone can contribute to organs hardened by calcium deposits – and this can be fatal. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and magnesium to help with the absorption of calcium into the blood, but you also need vitamin K to transport calcium from the blood to the bone matrix.

Don’t let osteoporosis sneak up on you. Shop our bone health supplements to keep all 206 bones in your body strong and agile. 

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