Portable Zap Plate

Dr. Clark Store Portable Zap Plate (bottle copies not included)
Portable Zap Plate connected to SyncroZap A11 Zapper (bottle copies not included)
Portable Zap Plate with cords
Portable Zap Plate – bottle copy compartment
Portable Zap Plate – 3 bottle capacity
Portable Zap Plate attached to belt

Portable Zap Plate

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How to use your Portable Zap Plate:

To use your Portable Zap Plate you will need a SyncroZap Frequency Generator (compatible with SyncroZap A10 and A11 models) or a zapper that can connect to the portable plate. The Portable Zap Plate allows you to be mobile while zapping with bottle copies. You can use up to three bottle copies at a time.

Clip the Portable Zap Plate to the waist band of your pants/skirt or onto your belt. Use the two wires provided with the plate zapper to attach to your SyncroZap Frequency Generator, making sure that the red and black wires coordinate with the red and black plugs on the generator. Press start and go. Tt’s as simple as that!

Bottle Copy Storage
You must be very careful not to freeze the bottle copies. Freezing causes them to become jumbled, and resonating with all others. Don’t even refrigerate them!

Remember to store your bottle copies, and especially bottle copy masters, safely and far away from magnets, top of fridge, freezers and machines such as washing machines and microwaves, radios, speakers, cell phones, cordless phones, fridge magnets and so forth. The magnetic field will destroy the pattern imprint in them. They don't like magnets!

Follow these rules when using bottle copies:

  1. Portable bottle copier only works with the brown plastic bottles.
  2. Always make sure you don't use your original bottle copy bottle in the Portable Zap Plate to ensure that you don’t compromise the original frequency imprint.
  3. Speakers or some other magnets may destroy your bottle copy, be aware of surrounding objects when moving around with your device.

Our bottle copies are used for research purposes only and only for personal use, not to be used for diagnostics or treatment.
Bottle copying is a technique discovered by Dr. Hulda Clark that will suffuse the frequencies of a particular item into water. There is a similarity between this procedure and homeopathics. This technique is called “homeography” whereas the frequencies are being electronically “patterned” into the water. It is possible to verify the presence of the frequency in the water by Syncrometer®.

Parts list:
Portable Zap Plate box
1 Red Lead Cable
1 Red and Black Lead with Banana plug

Note: This unit is to be used as an accessory for the zapper. SyncroZap Frequency Generator and Bottle Copies sold separately.

As per our Return Policy, used equipment/electronics incur a 15% restocking fee.

Zapper FAQ

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