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Digestive Aids

As we get older, most of us will experience diminished digestive function. This comes in the form of digestive discomforts (acid reflux, heartburn, gas, bloating) after meals, bowel trouble, and reduced nutrient absorption. But digestive supplements can help.

While some digestive complaints can be blamed on poor food choices, we’re also dealing with a decline in stomach acid production as we age. We need sufficient acid levels in the stomach to break down food, activate digestive enzymes, and protect the gut from harmful pathogens.

To get your digestion back on track, browse our selection of digestive aid supplements designed with purity in mind. Pick from our wide variety of herbs, fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzyme supplements for an array of digestive troubles.

What makes our digestive aid supplements different from other companies? We let the active ingredients stand alone and we don’t use manufacturing aids that diminish product integrity. Your body has to work harder to break down flow agents, like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, to access the active ingredients. We don’t believe your body should expend more energy to break down the added flow agents, and you shouldn’t either.

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