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Dr. Clark Pure Countertop Water Filter System

Dr. Clark Pure Countertop Water Filter System


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    Technical Features

    Comes with pre-washed activated charcoal from coconut shells. This filter is in conformity with Dr. Clark's protocol. Laboratory tests on absorption has not been done (if you want a crtridge for this system that has been tested, order the Pre-Packed Filter Cartridge, item #10010). Activated charcoal is known for removing a long list of chemicals, see report. Activated charcoal is considered to be most effective in removing the following substances: benzene, bleaching solutions, butyl alcahol, calcium hypochlorite, cholorobenzene, chlorine and many other items. It is effective with many other items, see report. For installation instructions to the countertop filter Click Here.

    Quality Features

    1. Greatly Improves the Taste Of Your Water
    2. Leaves Important Minerals and Trace Elements
    3. Easily and Economical to Replace Activated Carbon
    4. Higher Quality Water than Bottled Water
    5. More Economical than Bottled Water
    6. More Convenient than Bottled Water


    Why Activated Charcoal?
    Cleaner, better tasting water now!
    Bottled Water Is NOT Safer Than Tap Water According to Joseph Policy
    Are Shower Filters Necessary?

    Why Activated Charcoal?

    Specially processed and pre-hot-washed activated carbon from coconut shells is used as filter medium.

    Dr. Clark has found that activated charcoal is the best product for eliminating polluted chlorine in your water supply. Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. The use of special manufacturing techniques results in highly porous charcoals that have surface areas of 300-2,000 square meters per gram. Activated charcoals are widely used to adsorb odorous or colored substances from gases or liquids. The huge surface area of activated charcoal gives it countless bonding sites. When certain chemicals pass next to the carbon surface, they attach to the surface and are trapped. Also, activated charcoal removes some substances by catalytic reaction (chlorine, for example).

    We have carefully selected from many sources the highest quality activated coconut charcoal (carbon) available on the market. We pre-treat it with hot water (according to Dr. Clark's protocols) so you can start using your filter immediately.

    How Often Do I Need to Replace the Filter?

    Change your filter cartridge regularly to ensure clean water. You have two options when it comes to replacing the filter cartridge:

    1. Refill cartridge with activated charcoal. Once every one to three months, depending on use, replace the carbon with a new bag of Pre-Washed Activated Charcoal. One bag of loose carbon is sufficient for the original cartridge.
    2. Buy a conventional cartridge. Replace the original carbon cartridge with a conventional Pre-Packed Filter Cartridge. Replace the conventional cartridge every 6 months or more often depending on preference.


    Cleaner, better tasting water now!

    Below is a partial list of contaminants the activated charcoal helps remove from ordinary tap water. For a more complete indicator click here for White Paper on The Ability of Activated Carbon to Remove Various Substances From Water.

    Chlorine, acetone, alcohol, benzenes, butyl acetate, chlorobenzene, defoliants, dyes, ethyl acetate, ethyl chloride, formaldehyde, gasoline, glycol, herbicides, insecticides, isopropyl alcohol, ketones, methyl acetate, naptha (coal tar), nitrotoluene, oxalic acid, phenol, potassium permanganate, propionaldehyde, sodium hypochlorite, solvents, tar emulsion, trichlorethylene, turpentine, urine, xylene.

    Bottled Water Is NOT Safer Than Tap Water According to Joseph Policy

    Expensive bottled water is no safer than ordinary tap water and it can actually be worse, say researchers. Consumers across America are paying 1,000 times the cost of tap water for $1-a-gallon bottled waters sold in supermarkets or delivered to their homes. But a recent study by the State of California found that bottled water contains many substances that exceed federal drinking water standards.

    Dr. Joseph LaDou, acting chief of the division of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of California, agreed that bottled water is "no safer or healthier than ordinary tap water." "They just taste better because they aren' t chlorinated, " he explained. "But these waters typically contain as much or more asbestos, dry cleaning fluid and other volatile compounds as does tap water."

    "Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to research presented last week in Anaheim, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Showers--and to a lesser extent baths--lead to a greater exposure to toxic chemicals contained in water supplies than does drinking the water. The chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. Householders can receive 6 to l00 times more of the chemical by breathing the air around showers and bath than they would by drinking the water."NEW SCIENTIST 18 SEPTEMBER 1986 --Ian Anderson 

    “The National Academy of Sciences states that people die in the United States each year from cancers caused by ingesting the contaminants in water. The major health threat posed by these pollutants is far more likely to be from their inhalation as air pollutants. The reason that emissions are high is that water droplets dispersed by the shower head have a larger surface-to-volume ratio than water streaming into the bath.” SCIENCE NEWS, VOL. 130 --Janet Raloff

    Are Shower Filters Necessary? 

    Many customers who buy a water filter to treat their drinking water are now beginning to ask about shower filters. They wonder why they need to treat water they won't be drinking. The surprising answer is that far more contaminants are absorbed during showering then by drinking water.

    • When showering, hot water opens the pores and chlorine and other contaminants are absorbed through the skin.

    • The effectiveness of the nicotine patch is a good example of the effectiveness of transdermal delivery. Contaminants are absorbed through the skin the same way, only they bypass the digestive system and go directly into the blood stream.

    • Another area of concern is the inhalation of fumes. In the shower stall, the hot water produces steam in a confined area making it easy to inhale chlorine and other waterborne gases, such as radon.

    • Radon is a concern for customers whose water is supplied from underground sources, such as wells. However, it is not a concern for customers' whose water comes from a surface supply, such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs. That's because radon is released into the air before it arrives at the tap. When water that contains radon is used in the home for showering, washing dishes and cooking, radon gas escapes from the water into the air. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency bulletin breathing high levels of radon over a period of time is suspected of causing some types of cancer.

    • Above and beyond all health considerations, shower filters are helpful beauty aids for customers. Americans spend millions of dollars annually on skinmoisturizers, emollients and other products to fight dry skin, and conditioners and other lotions to keep hair from becoming brittle. Shower filters, instead of working like cosmetics to cover up or topically treat skin problems, solve the problem at the source.

    • With the removal of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals, dry skin and harsh effects on hair and scalp and the dryness is gone. Customers who dye their hair may find that the color remains true initially and for a longer period of time because of the removal of chlorine, which acts as an oxidizer of the coloring in hair.

     For shower filter options, consider the Dr. Clark Pure Shower Filter System, or the KDF Shower Filter.

    *Disclaimer Notice: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please read full disclaimer here.






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