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Amber bottle containing your choice of electronic bottle copy – frequency imprinted in water (Dr. Hulda Clark’s homeographic bottle copies).

Electronic Bottle Copy (Your Choice)


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    Bottle copies must be ordered directly from CTS Originals.

    Go to CTSOriginals.com to select from a number of organ support bottle copies that are made and verified by a person with many years of experience with Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols.

    The bottle copies do not contain any of the substances or items listed on the label that is attached to the bottle cap. The bottle copy contains water (H2O) only. This water has been subjected to a non-material process, similar to processes used to produce homeopathic remedies, which is believed by some researchers to imprint a subtle energy signature into the water.

    Any questions regarding bottle copy options or how they are made can be directed to ctsoriginals@att.net.


    Disclaimer Notice
    The presence of this signature cannot be confirmed by chemical or standard testing. No claim is made with regard to the effect of the reputed imprint. For experimental and research purposes only. For more on the theory of imprinting water, see the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph. D. and Dr. William A. Tiller, Ph. D. Although this item is mentioned in Dr Clark books we do not adopt her claims. We do not claim that any of the items we sell cure or treat any health conditions.

    Any items ordered from CTS Originals do not apply to our shipping and returns policy, nor are they covered by our money back guarantee.


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