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Heavy Metal Balance

Exposure to heavy metals is a daily occurrence. Traces of toxic metals can be found in industrial pollution in the air and water sources that sustain humans and the foods we eat. You can also be exposed by amalgam dental fillings (mercury), vaccines (mercury), old plumbing (lead), tobacco smoke (cadmium), and conventional deodorant (aluminum).

Heavy metals can alter the elaborate communication system between organs. This short circuiting can lead to a number of serious health problems, including brain and neurological disorders.

Because heavy metals don’t typically remain circulating in the blood, they aren’t readily filtered out by the kidneys and liver like other toxins. Rather, heavy metals like to hang out inside the fatty tissues in the body, like the brain, nervous system, liver, and kidneys.

An anti heavy metal lifestyle is a life-long commitment and requires limiting your daily exposure to metals from your water, food, personal care products, and household goods. You can further help yourself by performing a periodic heavy metal flush to lighten your heavy metal load. Our heavy metal protocol features chelating ingredients that bind to heavy metals in the body and usher them to the excretory system for final elimination. 

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