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Microorganism Balance

Your body is teeming with microscopic organisms – so many that they outnumber the amount of human cells in your body! But don’t rush get rid of them all. A large portion of them are actually good for you and are an essential part of maintaining optimal health. But keeping a steady balance of the good and bad microbes often poses a problem.

It’s the pathogenic microbes that you have to look out for. Disease causing bacteria like H. pylori in the stomach can trigger acid reflux. Uncontrolled growth of Candida albicans in the gut can cause a systemic fungal outbreak. Parasites contracted from pets, food, and water can attack a number of vital organs and tissues. And viruses keep us on edge every cold and flu season.

To keep the pathogens in check, you need a fully functional immune system and thriving colonies of good bacteria in the gut. These beneficial strains of bacteria, called probiotics, crowd out the bad microbes, promote digestive health, and provide systemic immune support. But you’re at risk of declining probiotic numbers due to stress, bad diet, antibiotic use, and environmental toxins such as chlorinated water.

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