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Pain Management

Aches and pains are a natural part of life. Whether it’s an occasional headache or chronic pain sustained from an old injury, pain can disrupt your daily routine and completely alter your life.

Pain is a nerve response that alerts us that something is not right. It can be sharp or dull, concentrated in one area or all over, temporary or lasting. Pain can be caused by nerve damage or stressed and strained muscles and joints. Whatever the cause, most of us aim to stop it immediately.

While there are countless options for pain relief medications, be cautious of prescription and over-the-counter pain relief drugs that carry unwanted side effects and chemicals that are harmful to liver function. You also need to be wary of prescription pain killers that are highly addictive, like opioids.

But there are avenues of natural pain relief without harmful medication, including herbal therapy. Many naturally occurring botanical compounds can reduce inflammation and desensitize nerves to ease the sensation of pain. And many can work internally just as well as topically. Round out your natural pain management plan by pairing pain relieving herbs with massage or acupuncture. 

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