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Pre-packed solid block activated carbon filter cartridge. Compatible with Dr. Clark Pure Countertop Filter.

Pre-Packed Water Filter Cartridge


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  • Product Description

    Fits both the Countertop Filter and Pure Shower Filter systems. Can also be used in the backwash filter housing in version 1 and version 2 of the Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter.

    "Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to research presented last week in Anaheim, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Showers and to a lesser extent baths lead to a greater exposure to toxic chemicals contained in water supplies than does drinking the water. The chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. Householders can receive 6 to l00 times more of the chemical by breathing the air around showers and bath than they would by drinking the water."NEW SCIENTIST 18 SEPTEMBER 1986 --Ian Anderson

    “The National Academy of Sciences states that people die in the United States each year from cancers caused by ingesting the contaminants in water. The major health threat posed by these pollutants is far more likely to be from their inhalation as air pollutants. The reason that emissions are high is that water droplets dispered by the shower head have a larger surface-to-volume ratio than water streaming into the bath.” SCIENCE NEWS, VOL. 130 --Janet Raloff

    Expensive bottled water is no safer than ordinary tap water and it can actually be worse, say researchers. Consumers across America are paying 1,000 times the cost of tap water for $1-a-gallon bottled waters sold in supermarkets or delivered to their homes. But a recent study by the State of California found that bottled water contains many substances that exceed federal drinking water standards.

    Dr. Joseph LaDou, acting chief of the division of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of California, agreed that bottled water is "no safer or healthier than ordinary tap water." "They just taste better because they aren' t chlorinated, " he explained. "But these waters typically contain as much or more asbestos, dry cleaning fluid and other volatile compounds as does tap water."

    Technical Features

    1. Coconut shell carbon block for lead and cyst reduction**

    2. Solid block activated carbon for long life

    3. Effective chlorine taste and odor reduction through 20,000 gallons at 1 GPM flow rate**

    4. Reduces lead, VOC's, Giardia, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma and Cryptosporidium cysts**

    5. Lead deduction through 2,000 gallons**

    6. Reduces fine sediment 0.5 micron nominal filtration**

    7. Temperature range: 40-165° (4.4-73.8°C)

    8. Fits standard 10" filter housings for 2 1/2" - 2 7/8" OD cartridges

    **Not performance tested or certified by NSF

    Quality Features

    • Greatly improves the taste of your water

    • Leaves important minerals and trace elements

    • Easily replaceable filter cartridge

    • Higher quality water than bottled water

    • More economical than bottled water

    • More convenient than bottled water


    This Cartridge has been tested by a laboratory, but not by Dr. Clark

    *Disclaimer Notice: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please read full disclaimer here.

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