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Shower Filters

Why shower in toxic sludge? Your water may look clean, but is it really?

If you get your water from a public utility, they may be adding chlorine and fluoride for sanitation and preventative health purposes. But many health professionals are speaking out against such practices and connecting diminished immune system function and disease formation to toxins in your water, even ones government officials claim are safe and necessary for public health.

Even if you’re not dinking the water from your shower, you need to remember that your skin is like a sponge and absorbs the water you bathe in along with whatever toxic substances are in your water. Protect your skin, hair, and your whole body from harsh water toxins by installing a point of use shower water filter.

With improved water quality in your shower, you can expect softer skin, healthier hair, and longer lasting hair color. Reduce your exposure to chlorine and synthetic chemicals that trigger skin dryness and irritation.

Choose one of our coconut charcoal filters for chlorine removal. To reduce heavy metals, chlorine, and water borne bacteria, opt for the KDF shower filter. Each system is designed for easy installation – no professional plumber needed.

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