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Herbal medicine dates back to the earliest civilizations. And although there have been scientific breakthroughs courtesy of manmade pharmaceuticals, there still exists a large following of treating illness and disease the old fashion way with nature made herbal remedies.

Through the centuries, mankind has been able to harness the protective compounds from plants indigenous to different parts of the world, and new botanicals are being discovered all the time.

A look into Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other folk therapies shows us where modern medicine got its start, but with a growing number of people searching for alternatives to the Western medical model, herbs are coming full circle.

The use of herbs and spices for their healing powers has been proven beneficial for treating or alleviating numerous conditions. From degenerative brain diseases to athlete’s foot and all the organ systems in between, there’s an herb for nearly every ailment.

Our herbal supplements range from full spectrum, whole herb to concentrated botanical extracts, but they all have one thing in common – purity. So that you can maximize the protective health benefits of our herbal formulas, we never manufacture with flow agents or synthetic preservatives that could diminish purity and potency. 

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