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Complement your cleansing and supplement regimen with these easy-to-use health electronics. Colloidal silver has great sanitizing and antimicrobial properties that you’ll want to take advantage of. And you can save money by making your pure solutions in the convenience of your own home.

If you love the benefits of colloidal silver but don’t like the expense of pre-made solutions, make your own with a colloidal silver generator. Making your own colloidal silver means you can guarantee the freshness and potency of your silver solution. You also get the satisfaction of a pure silver solution without preservatives or stabilizing agents.

2 products
Colloidal Silver Generator shown with included parts
Colloidal Silver Generator
CTS Originals
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Replacement rods (2) for Colloidal Silver Generator. 99.999% pure silver.
Silver Rods, 2
CTS Originals

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