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Why you should always buy from the Dr. Clark Store, and not other companies using her name

If you search for Dr. Hulda Clark’s recommended products online, you’ve probably noticed that there are a few companies with Dr. Clark’s name or likeness. This can be confusing. You may think all these companies are related and you may assume that they all sell the same quality products. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Here’s how you can spot the difference when choosing your Dr. Clark products:

1) Buy from the ORIGINAL manufacturer
Dr. Clark Store remains the ORIGINAL manufacturer of Dr. Hulda Clark’s products. We started out as Self Health Resource Center (SHRC) in 1993. Founded by Dr. Clark’s son Geoff Clark, SHRC was meticulously designed to follow Dr. Clark’s strict production methods for supplements without flow agents, investing in specialized equipment to do so. Although SHRC changed names to Dr. Clark Store, we still follow Dr. Clark’s strict manufacturing and testing protocols to make the purest supplements possible.

We are the only major supplier of Dr. Clark cleanses to have never used excipients such as magnesium stearate in our products.

2) Buy the Zapper brand Dr. Clark used herself
Dr. Clark popularized a frequency device called the zapper. Because Dr. Clark generously allowed others to use her name, there are several zapper brands bearing her name. Some even feature her picture on the device as well. However, only one zapper brand was used by Dr. Clark herself. 

Made by SHRC, SyncroZap was the first branded zapper. Dr. Clark turned away from zapping with specific frequencies early on in her research because she found it problematic and less effective than other methods. She replaced frequency zapping with plate zapping. The SyncroZap zapper is 100% compliant with Dr. Clark’s research, using plate zapping technology instead of insertable frequency keys. The Dr. Clark Store, staying true to Dr. Clark’s research, only sells the SyncroZap zapper.  

3) Our walnut hull tincture is GREEN, just like Dr. Clark intended
Black walnut hull tinctures are favored for their antimicrobial properties. But not just any tincture will do. Dr. Clark knew the importance of tincture potency. That’s why she insisted on using GREEN black walnut hull tincture to support the body’s natural defenses against foreign organisms.

The green color comes from using only the young, green hulls from black walnut trees. The immature hulls have a higher juglone concentration than mature brown hulls. Juglone, the active compound from the hull, is the essence of any walnut hull tincture, making green tinctures more potent and more effective due to their higher juglone content.

We continue to follow Dr. Clark’s protocols for making only highly potent green tincture.

4) We’re the only store that sells a water filter featuring a hot water backwash designed specifically for Dr. Clark
Dr. Clark knew the importance of clean water and included it as part of her health-restoring protocols. While she favored activated charcoal filters for their effectiveness in chlorine removal, she did not like the solid block carbon filters that were prevalent on the market. The solid block construction allowed water to carve channels through the carbon, and because water likes to travel the path of least resistance, water passes through the channels with minimal filtering.

Seeing the flaws in solid block filters, Dr. Clark worked with a team of engineers to design a whole house water filter with a loose bed of activated charcoal that is routinely “washed” with hot water. With each wash cycle, the charcoal is lifted and spun to destroy any channels the water made during filtration. And the hot water allows the charcoal to release the filtered contaminants, which are removed when the backwash water drains. Each hot water backwash essentially renews the activated charcoal to maximize water filtration.

We are the only Dr. Clark company to offer this innovative water filtration system.


17 Quality and Purity Protocols

  NSF Certified GMP Compliant
No Flow Agents
Solvent Free
No Ingredients You Can't Pronounce
Chemically Pure

Identity Analyzed
Heavy Metal Tested
Batch Metal Tested
Tested for Microbes
No Hidden Ingredients
Compounded Responsibly
Wild Crafted, Organic
Whole Herb
No Tablets
Only Pure Capsules
Made in USA and Sourced in USA
Hand Crafted



GMP Registered | GMP Certified | GMP Compliant
All supplements under the brand names “Dr. Clark Store”, “Dr. Clark Purity” and “Vitamins Without” are manufactured in our own factory, which we have direct control over. Our very own Dr. Clark Store/Self Health Resource Center factory, known under the legal name Nutritional Supplement Manufactures, Inc. (PureNSM.com), is certified by the Largest and most reputable GMP Auditors in USA.

In addition to all of the Dr. Clark manufacturing procedures, our processes are meticulous, detail oriented and geared to hinder mistakes. We have comprehensive SOPs, MBRs and MPRs. This ensures meticulous record keeping and quality assurance.

    1. SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

    1. MPR – Master Production Records

    1. BPR – Batch Production Records

No Flow Agents
Magnesium Stearate, a common flow agent, has increasingly been criticized for hindering absorption. Some research has been done on this and of course refuted by industry. We never use Magnesium Stearate in Dr. Clark’s supplements. Purity and Potency Go Hand in Hand.

For three reasons superior potency cannot be achieved without attention to supreme purity.  First, if you use flow agents the body has to work extra hard to break it down before enjoying the benefits of the nutrients delivered in the supplement. Second, micro toxins that are often found in highly processed excipients are poison to the body and makes the immune system, again, work extra hard. Both the above are devastating for a person with depleted immune system.  Finally nutrients should have no restriction to breaking down in the stomach for maximum absorption in the colon.

magnesiumstearate.jpg Take a look at this picture. The yellow part in the middle is the nutritional element; it has jagged edges and obviously will not flow very well.  This is why it has been coated with a flow agent, indicated in blue. This makes the particle flow fast without caking up in the encapsulation machine. This increases profits for the manufacturer because now he can run his equipment faster, but it is bad for you.

solventfree.jpg Solvent Free
We only use NSF “food grade” iodine, ammonia and grain alcohol to sanitize our equipment and table surfaces. It is common for other manufacturers to use industrial solvents such as laundry chlorinating bleach to clean their equipment. This is about the worst thing you can do. Laundry bleach contains heavy metals meant to get stains out of clothes. Another solvent commonly used in manufacturing facilities is Propyl Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol. Isopropanol is found in OTC rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropanol).  It is inexpensive and effective to clean with.  In fact, Propyl alcohol is used in many industrial grade and household cleaning supplies and even creams and lotions.
noingredpronc.jpg No Ingredients You Can't Pronounce
When looking under Other Ingredients on supplement labels you will find many hard to understand names of chemicals. For this reason, it is a good idea to read the label backwards. It is common to see tablets shine in bright colors. This is good for sales, and it may give you some pleasure when taking the supplement, but again it misses the main reason why you would take a supplement.
chempure.jpg Chemically Pure
Our supplements are not enhanced for flow, color, stabilization, and flavor. Think about it; if you take a supplement that is packaged with all kinds of chemicals, your body has to break down those chemicals. This takes energy away from your immune system. Run away when you see: Magnesium Stearate, Corn Starch, Hydroxypro­pyl Methylcell­ulose, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide!
identity-verified.png Identity Verified
The Identity and quality of our raw materials are verified by us in accordance with our cGMP SOP using the best possible laboratory equipment available, including high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) and fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR.

Heavy Metal Tested
All our incoming materials are tested for on an ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy) for total heavy metals (metallic + plant based). Each product passes NSF, USP and the strict CA Proposition 65 standards when taken according to the label. Heavy metals are found naturally in plants in two forms, plant based and metallic. Dr. Clark was only concerned with metallic versions of heavy metals which she identified using Syncrometer® Testing, We of course continue Dr. Clark’s tradition with the able help of Syncrometer® testers she personally trained.

Lead Passed
Arsenic Passed
Cadmium Passed
Mercury Passed

Batch Metal Tested
In addition to testing our raw materials for Heavy Metals we metal detect every single capsule and every single grain of herb at the end stage of manufacturing. We use a metal detector from Safeline that swiftly reject ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel contaminants in our products.


Tested for Microbes
We meticulously test all herbs for microbiological growth using our top of the line automated BioLumix and other systems. Our suppliers know better than to send us contaminated herbs, we only get the best available herbs because our vendors know we return all herbs that don’t test pure.  We also test our equipment and table surfaces. We guarantee that the product we manufacture meet the following criteria in accordance to USP or NSF standards:

Total Aerobic Count Passed
E. coli Passed
Salmonella Absent
Yeast and mold count Absent

Many herbs come from root vegetables.  Roots grow in the ground of course, and what else is in the ground?  Bugs galore!  Lots of them! One gram of natural soil, about enough to cover a nickel, contains up to a billion organisms. You are better off with our supplements, because you don’t have to waste your precious immune power on battling microbes hiding in your herbs.


No Hidden Ingredients
It is a common misnomer that if you take a certain mg amount of a supplement that it does not matter in what form it is, how it is packaged and with what it’s packaged. Take Vitamin C for example. You can get it in many forms and some are more absorbent than others. Even if you see “Ascorbic Acid” on the label of two different products, the ingredients can vary. One manufacturer may use 90% Ascorbic Acid with 10% Corn Starch and Lactose (for better handling in manufacturing).  Of course a manufacturer that focuses on purity will use 100% Pure Ascorbic Acid.  Unfortunately, this is true for lots of ingredients, including the following:

Our Raw Materials

Other Manufacturers' Raw Materials

How it's reported in the supplement facts box

Pure Ascorbic Acid

90% Ascorbic Acid, with 10% Corn Starch and Lactos

Vitamin C

Pure Vitamin D

0.1% Vitamin D dilution in a base of Dicalcium Phosphate, Lactose, Acacia, BHT, Sodium Benzoate, and Sorbic Acid

Vitamin D

Pure Riboflavin

33% Riboflavin, with Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids surrounding each particle for better flow and flavor maskin

Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin)

Pure Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin

Cyanocobalamin (0.1% B-12 dilution in a base of Corn Starch with Sodium Benzoate and Sorbic Acid)

Vitamin B12 (asCyanocobalamin)

Pure Biotin

1% Biotin diluted on a base of Dicalcium Phosphate, Lactose, Sodium Benzoate, and Sorbic Aci


Pure, Undiluted Pepsin

Pepsin, standardized with Lactose


Pure, Undiluted Pancreatin

Bromelain, standardized with Lactose


Pure, Undiluted Bromelain

Bromelain, standardized with Lactose


Pure, Undiluted Papain

Papain, standardized with Lactose


The worst thing is if you are buying from a “manufacturer” that does not manufacture their own products, he may not know exactly what’s in the supplements. Contract manufacturers typically don’t disclose such information and will even substitute “similar” ingredients into the mix if they run out of a particular raw material – without telling anyone!

formulation.jpg Compounded Responsibly
Dr. Hulda Clark taught us that both herbal and nutraceutical formulations alike should contain efficacious amounts of each compound. Not a “fairy-dust" quantity of many items. This is the opposite of what you see on the marketplace today. Dr. Clark explained that each herb sends a particular signal to your body through bio chemistry – each ingredient has a unique effect on your body.  This is why that if you take a lot of herbs and nutraceuticals at the same time those signals can “confuse” the body and cause specific effects to be lost. 
organic.jpg Wild Crafted, Organic
We always prefer to buy organic or wild crafted herbs.  An herb is Wild Crafted if harvested from “untouched” nature without use of pesticides. In the rare case we don’t secure Organic or Wild Crafted herbs we do what we always do; reject the materials if does not pass our quality control process.  Our suppliers know by now not to send us anything but the best or we will send it back.

Whole Herb
Dr. Clark did not want people with depleted immune systems to use extracts because extracts are often highly processed. Invariably Dr. Clark would find contamination from the extraction process in the herbs.
Dr. Clark explained to us that the more an herb is processed, the greater the likelihood of incorporating pollutants in addition to leaving out wholesome nutrition. That is why we use the whole herb such as wormwood in our herbal supplement products.

“The complex, multicomponent mixture obtained after using a solvent to dissolve components of the biomass. Extracts may be in dry, liquid, or semi-solid form. Excipients may be added to extracts to adjust the concentration, enhance stability, limit microbial growth, and improve drying, flow, or other manufacturing characteristics" -- Definition of “extracts” from a dietary supplement association.

notablets.jpg No Tablets
We don’t press our nutraceuticals into tablets. Making tablets requires that other ingredients be added, in addition to just the nutrients. Binders, lubricants, coatings, disintegrants, and other excipients are the ingredients most commonly added by tablet manufacturers.

Only Pure Capsules
The more you process something, the more likely you are to contaminate it.  This holds true for veggie caps.  It is much harder to make sturdy capsules out of vegetables than to make it out of animal products.

It is counter intuitive; many people erroneously think that everything vegetarian is healthier, but that is not the case.  I respect people that don’t want to eat animals but it is counterproductive to paint all vegetable based food as healthy.  A good example: highly processed tofu hotdogs.

The same principal applies to the vegetable based capsule.  It came on the market in the 1980’s when gelatin capsules had been on the market for decades. Only after complicated processing involving various solvents and chemical compounds can you make a vegetable capsule.

But aren’t gelatin capsules made with bones that might carry “Mad Cow” prions?  No. Because not all gelatin capsules are made with bones.  We only use bovine gelatin capsules that are certified BSE free. Our gelatin capsules are also Halal and Kosher.

madeinusa.jpg Made in USA and Sourced in USA
We buy all our raw materials within USA from trusted vendors that we know have excellent quality control testing systems in place. We do not import any of our raw materials directly from China.
handcrafted.jpg Hand Crafted
We use slower manufacturing methods than most other companies in the industry. This enables us to provide safer, purer and more potent products than most.