Pit Detox

Adapting to a new lifestyle habit doesn’t happen instantly for most of us. As with any new health regimen, the body goes through an adjustment phase. This includes the switch from a standard deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural, chemical-free one.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some withdrawal symptoms and side effects when making a radical change to your health. When the frequent and habitual becomes intermittent or stops completely, the body may be uneasy with the change. If you’ve ever tried eliminating sugar from the diet or quite caffeine, perhaps you know that until the residual “bad stuff” is purged from the body, your body chemistry may be on off balance. This is true even when we’re talking deodorants and antiperspirants. A pit detox is a real phenomenon that some may experience.

If you’re used to conventional deodorant or antiperspirant, the switch to a natural product can bring about redness and itching in the armpits. You may also notice increased odor. This makes sense because conventional deodorants and antiperspirants have been clogging your sweat pores and preventing sweat and toxins from being released. 

The body odor that is emitted is caused by bacteria living in the moist areas of your skin reacting to perspiration. These bacteria feed on the substances in your sweat, like fatty acids, creating an odor. Your diet can also play a role in what odors are released with your sweat. 

Now that your sweat pores are no longer obstructed by chemical-laden particles, you’re free to release moisture and toxins, and any subsequent odors, as intended. 

In some instances, bumps may appear and the lymph nodes located under the armpits may swell during this detoxification phase. And don’t be surprised if this happens in just one pit.

To encourage your body to get the most out this toxic purge, consider the following:

• Stop using products that contain aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, and triclosan. These toxins can have harmful repercussions on your health.
• Dry brush your armpits. With a dry natural bristle brush, using circular strokes, brush the dry skin of the armpits. This boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage.
• Get a good sweat going. Sweating from physical exertion or a steam bath (sauna) helps to release toxins.
• Soak in bath of hot water and Epson salts.
• Adhere a large bandage with flax seed oil or castor oil under your armpits for a night. These oils enhance circulation, encouraging lymph fluids to flow.
• Take a look at your diet. Cutting out processed foods and refined sugars will help to limit the toxins going into your body. Think, “What goes in must come out!”




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