Decongestant in Cold Medicines Doesn’t Work at All Says FDA

by Md Assaduzzaman

An F.D.A. panel found that a decongestant in cold medicines doesn’t work at all. The agency now must decide whether products containing the ingredient, like some Sudafed and NyQuil products, should no longer be sold or perhaps give companies lead time to substitute other ingredients. Source

We all know that the healthcare system is broken; just how the breakage built into happening again and again is a mystery for many. Consider this simple fact: All drugs are at least initially marketed under a patent. You cannot patent an herbal supplement. Therefore, there is no incentive for brands to invest considerable amounts of money in researching its benefits.

To make matters worse, pharmaceutical companies actively incentivize researchers to setup research that is bound to cast doubt on supplements, and this happens again and again. It works like this: Researchers either start treatment too late, or at too low of a dosage, and then they don’t account for what nutrients that the participants are taking. The supplement research therefore becomes "inconclusive" - a total farce.

Why would a researcher do this? Because it is almost like an unofficial prerequisite for being hired by large pharmaceutical companies! It shows that you are on the side of the pharma companies. Sowing doubt helps doctors feel good about drugs, and confirms that their investment in their western medical education was money well spent. Supplements are considered to be as good as “horse manure” and synthetic drugs are sacred, is their mantra. If scientists believe anything else, all their money and time has been invested in a lie.

We all know that its easy to overcome the common cold with some simple herbs such as the ones from the Dr. Clark Store. To mention a few:

The NIH has stated: “Vitamins C and D, zinc, and Echinacea have evidence-based efficacy on these immune system barriers. This review includes 82 eligible studies to consider the preventive role of these nutrients in immune clusters and in CC to provide advice on dosage and assumption of these nutrients.” Source. However, at the same time, MedLinePlus writes: “Popular belief is that vitamin C can cure the common cold. However, research about this claim is conflicting.” Source. We are currently seeing contradiction even among "trusted" sources, and need to keep vigilent and seek independent research.

In the future, the world population will continue to suffer from the hands of the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry. There is nothing for them to gain from “allowing” supplements to thrive. The pharmaceutical industry would rather shut the supplement industry down permanently with legislation.Which is exactly what they are trying to do, multiple times per year, in Washington DC. The Pharma Lobby spent over $370,000,000, while the Supplement Lobby by comparison spent about $400,000.

You can see that the Supplement Lobby is outspent by Pharma by 925 times. Pharma spends almost 1000x more money on Lobbyists than nutritional supplement manufacturers. Soon, the pharma mafia will dictate what you do with your body, making botanicals increasingly more illegal than they currently are already.

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