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Our story…
Dr. Clark’s son, Geoff Clark, established Self Health Resource Center (SHRC) in 1993. Dr. Hulda Clark had asked him to manufacture supplements that she could not find in a pure form – without toxic manufacturing chemicals she deemed harmful to her patients.

Owner of Dr. Clark Store, Oskar Thorvaldsson, and Dr. Hulda Clarks' son, Geoff Clark

Oskar Thorvaldsson and Geoff Clark

Oskar Thorvaldsson with DrClarkStore.com purchased the business in 2006. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Hulda Clark trusted Oskar to manufacture one of her single most important inventions, the Automatic HOT BACKWASH Whole House Water Filter. Geoff Clark has acted as a consultant ever since Oskar took over and has helped him continuously improve operations.

Our steadfast commitment to purity and quality can be found in every one of our products. Unlike our competitors’ products, ours have never contained unnecessary additives or harmful excipients. Our equipment is also designed precisely according to Dr. Clark’s mandates, without compromises.

We know our customers depend on us to provide them the purest and most potent supplements available. Each one of our employees takes this responsibility very seriously. 

You can be assured when you purchase our products, whether from a retail store, a health professional, or directly from our website, www.DrClarkStore.com, you will be receiving the finest nutritional supplements available today.

Buy From The Source
There are a number of companies claiming to follow Dr. Clarks’ protocols. Beware! We are the only manufacturer that:

• Never used what Dr. Clark considered toxic manufacturing aids.
• Received direct involvement from both Geoff Clark and Dr. Hulda Clark.

Our Factory
Dr. Clark Store continues to manufacture products exactly as Dr. Hulda Clark intended, with the latest additions, formulations, and improvements. Since 2006 we have grown our factory to also manufacture products for other brands. We did this in order to invest significant funds into our quality control laboratory. The factory was incorporated under another entity called Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc., online at www.PureNSM.com. This company now holds a number of GMP certifications, including from NSF International and Underwriters Laboratory. We are also members of the Natural Products Association.

Tested Products
All these certifications mean that the products made in our factory are tested according to GMP protocols in a facility that is audited by independent quality organizations multiple times a year. In addition, we are proud to tell you that all Dr. Clark Store branded products are tested according to Dr. Clark’s protocols.

The Next Chapter
In November of 2017, Self Health Resource Center purchased Bernard Jensen Products.

As a long-time customer of Bernard Jensen’s Dark Cherry Concentrate, SHRC was in the position to keep the Bernard Jensen brand alive when its owner wanted to retire. Since we already had our own manufacturing facility and the means to fulfill orders, SHRC made the move to buy Bernard Jensen Products. This allowed us to keep Dr. Jensen’s products available to his loyal brand followers even after his passing, much like we did for Dr. Clark’s products. 

Click here to learn about Dr. Bernard Jensen.

So that we can manage sales for both Dr. Clark Store and Bernard Jensen Products with greater efficiency, we have decided to host both brands under one website.

We will continue to manufacture Dr. Clark Store branded products according to the same strict manufacturing and testing protocols that have been in place since 1993. This will never change even though we sell other brands that use ingredients and manufacturing processes that do not comply with Dr. Clark’s protocols.