How to know if your parasite cleanse is working

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According to The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, parasites can prey on anyone, and millions of people worldwide have parasites living in their bodies.

Parasites can enter your body in a number of ways and cause several symptoms. Symptoms of parasites can include, but are not limited to headaches, muscle weakness, breathing issues, vertigo, indigestion, allergies, and skin rashes.

The cleansing process might feel a little uncomfortable, but the results outweigh the discomfort that you might face while performing a parasite cleanse. In general, the parasite cleanses process is likely to cause different signs in every individual. Some people might not encounter any signs of cleansing while others exhibit evident signs. The following are general signs that most of us might experience after or during the parasite cleanse process. These potential signs can tell us whether the parasite cleanse process is effective or not. 


Enhanced nutrient absorption

You may start noticing your health improves post parasite cleanse. You now have nutrients for yourself, as pathogens are no longer stealing them. You may begin to notice that you sleep better and have visibly clearer skin and thicker, longer hair. The elimination of parasites means your body is able to use all the nutrients you consume for itself.


Stronger immune system

Parasites weaken your immune system over time while ensuring their own survival. They achieve this by tricking your immune system into thinking that they are a part of your body. As a result, your immune system does not attack them, and hence, parasites survive in your body. They interfere with the immune system by taking away the vital nutrients that your body requires to function optimally.

After performing a parasite cleanse, you can expect to notice that your body is recovering, and your immune system is regaining functionality as the parasites are no longer feasting and taking away the nutrients that your body needs.


Superior digestion

You may face various health issues, including allergies, if parasites invade your digestive organs. Once the dangerous parasites that are hiding in your liver, intestines, and your bile duct are eliminated, you will notice an improved digestion. Here is one scenario how parasites affect digestion: The liver produces bile, which is pushed through the biliary tubes to reach the bile duct. The bile is stored in your gallbladder, which releases bile to emulsify fats when you eat. This process is hindered due to the presence of parasites in your digestive organs, resulting in poor digestive function. 


Increased energy, fewer rashes & skin sores

Skin parasite identification is important because if parasites are stealing vital minerals and nutrients you may experience fatigue. Usually, doctors are not able to determine the true cause of fatigue, which is one of the symptoms of parasites in the body. Pathogens like hookworms affect your blood and are known to cause anemia. Once you get rid of parasites like babesia and hookworms, you’ll start feeling more energetic without the need to consume extra cups of coffee loaded with caffeine.

As toxins and parasites are eliminated from your body, you may experience itchy skin during the parasite cleanse process. While these common human skin parasites are removed from your body, you can use essential oils to help aid skin irritation and rashes. Natural parasite cleansing products contain herbs that also target viruses and bacteria, which may worsen the skin rashes and sores temporarily. These temporary rashes and sores may last for a little while, but the struggle is worthwhile.


Stable mood & reduced sugar cravings

Wellness experts have long talked about how parasites not only disturb your digestion but are also known to cause increased irritability and mood disorders. Common human parasites like Lyme alter your brain chemistry, and as neurotoxins build up, they can affect the mood. During the parasite cleanse process, you will find yourself in a better frame of mind and experience moods that are much more stable.

As parasites get their energy from sugar, it is common for people who have parasites living inside their bodies to have sugar cravings. As you go through a parasite cleanse, you may notice that these sugar cravings slowly start to disappear over time.


Fewer stomach cramps, gas, and bloating

If parasites invade your body, you may face gas, bloating, and constipation. You will start to notice fewer stomach issues once you are deep into the parasite cleansing process. During his parasite cleanse, Dr. Jay Davidson, who is a Lyme expert, was able to remove two 20-inch worms. You can use coffee enemas to clear out the bugs faster, especially those living in the bile duct.


Final thoughts

A parasite cleanse will improve your overall health irrespective of the kind of symptoms you may be facing. To ensure optimal health, you should focus on eliminating parasites as naturally as possible. The slight uneasiness and discomfort you may face during the cleansing process will be far outweighed by the results that you will be able to achieve. Completing a parasite cleanse will surely bring major changes to your life. 

It’s important not to judge the effectiveness of a parasite cleanse by what comes out of you and lands in your toilet bowel. Not all the evidence is in your stool. Instead, take stock of the improvements in energy, focus, mood, digestion, and skin condition. Choosing a parasite cleanse that works systemically is ideal to enhance your overall quality of health. 


  • Lee

    I just started a wormwood and black walnut cleanse tonight only did a quarter or less of dose as it says to increase does over 2 week period and I am extremely itchy! No rash I just itch all over and can’t sleep now lol. This is the only thing I could find saying thats a symptom of it working. I’m not allergic to any nuts or flowers/herbs in same family as wormwood. So I ruled that one out. Thank you for this info!

  • Emily Jane Fallert

    Thank you for your very informative article. I have been on a cleanse for one week and already I find I have more energy. Digestion is getting better with less gas. I am sure that more benefits will be forthcoming. Again, thank you.

  • Joanne

    Wow, thank you! You’ve totally validated what I’ve been going through. I’ve had a parasitic infection for a long time but didn’t realize it (duh, but I’m not a dr.!) till it ultimately presented with a visible explosion about 2 months ago. Since, 6/8 doctors have not believed me since my symptoms are out of control wild and ‘unheard’ of and I’ve had to research my own treatment. My case is extreme yet I still go undiagnosed. I’ve gone the ivermectin route (which I got through an online dr.) and now I’m doing a cleanse because I desperately want to return to my job. I didn’t realize, or remember, how I felt before all of this started over a year ago. You’re absolutely right: I am lethargic, irritable easily, exhausted constantly and generally feeling lousy every day no matter what I do or eat, etc.. I can’t wait to be well and live life again. What I wouldn’t give…
    Thank you for your accuracy in this regard. Your article made my day and I’m screenshotting it.

  • Joclyn Lager

    I have been wanting to do a parasite cleanse but I am worried it will damage my gut flora/hurt me. I have Crohns. Am I able to do cleanse without adverse effects?

  • Lilly

    I had a Gut zoomer stool test thru a Functional Med practitioner. The test came back positive for Isospora Belli parasite. I have been doing the parasite cleaning for two weeks and have not felt any of the described symptoms to assure me that the cleaning is working. Wondering if is working or not.

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