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6 products
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Amber bottle containing your choice of electronic bottle copy – frequency imprinted in water (Dr. Hulda Clark’s homeographic bottle copies).
Electronic Bottle Copy (Your Choice)
CTS Originals
Dr. Clark Store Empty Gelatin Capsules, size 00
Dr. Clark Store products are chemically pure, solvent free and additive free.
Empty Gelatin Caps Size: 00, 1 cup (approx. 120 capsules)
Dr. Clark Store
Dr. Clark Store Enema Bucket Set (5 items)
Enema bucket and tube
Enema Bucket Set (lower colon cleansing), 1.5 liter
Dr. Clark Store
Empty Cartridge for Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter, Version 3
Empty Cartridge (for Whole House Filter Version 3)
Dr. Clark Store
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Empty filter cartridge. Fits Dr. Clark Pure Counter Top & Pure Shower Filter systems. Also fits Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter (Version 1 & 2).
Empty Cartridge
Dr. Clark Store
Dr. Clark Store Epsom Salt, 10 oz.
Dr. Clark Store Epsom Salt label
Epsom Salt, 10 oz
Dr. Clark Store

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