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Kidney Health


We live in a toxic world. Every day harmful chemicals from food, water, air, medications, and personal care products are polluting our bodies. Luckily the human body was designed to eliminate such toxins with the help of certain organs.

The kidneys are sophisticated processing machines. They process 50 gallons of blood each day and take out excess water, waste products, and toxins. If your kidneys didn’t remove these unnecessary substances, toxins would build up in the blood and contribute to systemic damage.

With the abundance of toxic substances all around us, it’s easy for your kidneys to become overwhelmed and weakened due to exposure to common pollutants and invasive microorganisms. Kidney stones, an accumulation of mineral salts, can lodge anywhere in the urinary tract and kidneys, preventing the natural flow of waste removal through urine.

Since the kidneys are essentially filters, it makes good sense to clean them periodically. A proper diet, as well as a periodic kidney protocol, is essential to the health of your kidneys. Unlike the liver, the kidneys do not regenerate themselves, but cleansing herbs and supportive nutrients can help to lighten the load on your kidneys and restore kidney function.

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