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Empty Capsules

Empty capsules mean endless possibilities for the DIY supplement crowd. Think of them as a blank canvas to let your inner formulator go wild!

Whether you’re a budding herbalist or a seasoned pro scouring the market for hard-to-find, pre-made herbal supplements, making your own could be the answer for you. With the availability of bulk herbs from around the globe, you can easily custom make your own supplements from the convenience of your own home.

Easy to use capsule filling machines turn empty pill capsules into custom remedies for your individual needs. Choose from empty gelatin capsules (BSE free, Halal and Kosher certified) or plant based empty veggie capsules for those following a vegetarian lifestyle.

Mask the flavor of strong or bitter tasting powdered ingredients by putting them in an empty capsule. They also make a great alternative when taking essential oils that may irritate the tongue or lining of the throat. Simply put the drops into an empty capsule and take immediately.

You also get complete control over what goes into your capsules. Make your own pure supplements without flow agents, like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide, synthetic preservatives or junk fillers.  

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