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If you’ve gone to great lengths to clean up your body and the way you eat, don’t undo it by living in a toxic environment. You might not have much control over the environment outside your home, but within your own domain, you have the power to eliminate common household toxins.

Making small changes in the types of household cleaning products you use can decrease the amount of toxic vapors your family inhales. You can start by switching to natural cleaning products. Harness the cleaning power of baking soda and sodium chloride (table salt) in simple, homemade cleaning solutions or use one of our premade formulas to kill insects, remove hard water stains and sanitize surfaces, including your fruits and vegetables.

Use better-for-you pantry staples like chemically pure, non-iodized table salt and aluminum free baking soda. Go a step further and replace your metal forks, spoons, and knives with durable resin-based utensils to reduce your metal contact, a recommendation Dr. Hulda Clark made to those combatting various conditions linked to accumulated metals in the body.

Less toxic or natural household products can make a difference in the health of your home and the people living in it.

If you’re really serious about a toxin-free home, consider Dr. Clark’s recommendations for a home clean up.

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