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Joints & Mobility

Whether you’re twisting yourself in to a yoga pretzel or simply doing laundry, mobility is a factor that sets the bar for how active you are. Maintaining the health of your bones, joints, and connective tissues is an important factor for an active lifestyle.

Your joints undergo a significant amount of wear and tear as you age. And you don’t have to be an athlete to experience painful or inflamed joints. The repetitive motion and lifting done in labor intensive occupations and even regular housework can take its toll on your muscles and joints.

Due to age and injury, the shock absorbing cartilage around the bones breaks down. If nothing is done to repair the cartilage, the lubricating synovial fluid between the joints diminishes as well, allowing the bones to rub together. This type of deterioration can cause painful, swollen, and stiff joints with limited range of motion.

Browse our selection of joint supplements to help you retain your flexibility. Whether you want a relaxing Epsom salt soak, a pain-relieving topical, or joint support supplements, we’ve got natural solutions for however you want to go about nurturing your tired joints.

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