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Kitchen Filters

The kitchen faucet in your home is probably a very popular spot. It’s used for hand washing, dish washing, cooking, and perhaps also to meet your daily water intake needs. So wouldn’t you want the cleanest water from your kitchen faucet possible?

If your water comes from a public water utility, they might be adding chlorine and fluoride for sanitation and preventative health purposes. However, many health professionals warn against these chemical additives for their connection to diminished health.

Drinking contaminated water is a direct hit on your health, but you need to remember that absorption through the skin also poses a threat. Your skin is like a porous sponge that absorbs the chemical toxins hiding in your water.

To reduce chlorine in one of the busiest places in your home, install a kitchen water filter that utilizes coconut charcoal’s ability to trap contaminants in your water. Improve the taste of your water without stripping away important trace minerals. Reduce your exposure to chlorine and synthetic chemicals that contribute to dry, irritated skin.

Our countertop water filter is easy to install and maintain – no professional plumber needed.

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