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Where can I find the Kidney Cleanse directions?

Detailed directions are included with purchase. You can also view the directions here.

What is the suggested order of the cleanses?

The original cleanse sequence is as follows: Digestive Aid Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Liver Cleanse. Optionally, the Candida Cleanse can be done after the Parasite Cleanse or at the same time since both cleanses help to balance microorganisms. If you choose to do the Heavy Metal Cleanse, this one is recommended last in the cleanse series.

How long is the Kidney Cleanse?

The cleanse is 21 days long. You can continue the cleanse for longer, but you will need to purchase more of each product.

Do I have to do the Digestive Aid Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse before the Kidney Cleanse?

It is recommended but not mandatory. Clearing up digestive issues first frees up energy that can be dedicated to the kidneys during the cleanse. 

Can I do more than one cleanse at the same time, or do I have to do them separately?

You can do some overlapping of the different cleanses. Just remember that each cleanse requires taking several supplements every day. If you become overwhelmed by the amount of supplements or your body reacts poorly to the amount of supplements, stop and do the cleanses separately. You can do the Digestive Aid Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse together, or even the Digestive Aid Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, and Kidney Cleanse together. If you are doing the optional Candida Cleanse, this pairs well with the Parasite Cleanse. If you are doing the Liver Cleanse, you can complete part 1 (drinking the Liver Support Tea) while doing the Digestive Aid Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Candida Cleanse or Kidney Cleanse. However, part 2 of the Liver Cleanse (the 2-day liver flush) should be done on its own - stop all other cleansing during the 2-day liver flush, and you can resume other cleanses after the flush is done. The Heavy Metal Cleanse should be done on its own.

Do I have to change my diet during the Kidney Cleanse?

No dietary changes are necessary during the Kidney Cleanse. You do want to make sure to drink plenty of water during the cleanse to help flush out toxins.

Do I have to stop taking other supplements or medications while I'm on the Kidney Cleanse?

You can continue to take your normal routine of supplements while on the cleanse. Check with your doctor or a pharmacist about potential interactions between your medication and the cleanse supplements.

Are there any side effects to the Kidney Cleanse?

You may experience increased urination, as some products in the cleanse have diuretic properties. If you experience severe discomfort, you should stop the cleanse and contact a healthcare professional.

If I skip a day on the cleanse, do I have to start over at the beginning?

While it is advised to follow the cleanse schedule as close as possible, if you miss a day or two, simply pick up where you left off. If you stop for four days or longer, we recommend starting at the beginning.

How often should I do the Kidney Cleanse?

The Kidney Cleanse should be done on an as needed basis. Or consider doing the cleanse once or twice a year to reset kidney function if you feel it's needed.

Is there a maintenance program for the Kidney Cleanse?

There is no maintenance program for the Kidney Cleanse, but you can keep drinking the Kidney Cleanse Tea as needed. 

Is the Kidney Cleanse suitable for children?

We do not recommend giving children under the age of 18 the Kidney Cleanse. Always consult with a healthcare professional before giving children nutritional supplements designed for adults.

Can I do the Kidney Cleanse if I'm pregnant?

If you are pregnant, we do not recommend that you do the Kidney Cleanse without speaking with your doctor first.

Can I do the Kidney Cleanse if I'm breastfeeding?

Because compounds found naturally in the Kidney Cleanse products can get into breast milk, we do not recommend that you do the cleanse while you are breastfeeding. Please consult with your doctor before attempting to do the cleanse.

Can I do the Kidney Cleanse if I only have one kidney?

While the Kidney Cleanse products are beneficial for your remaining kidney, we recommend that you speak with your doctor before doing the cleanse. 

Can I do the Kidney Cleanse if I have been diagnosed with kidney disease?

If you already have a form of kidney disease, we recommend that you speak with your doctor before doing the cleanse.

Can I give the Kidney Cleanse to my pets?

We do not recommend giving your pet the Kidney Cleanse. Only Dr. Clark's Parasite Cleanse can be modified for dogs and cats. Please consult a veterinarian before giving your pets nutritional supplements or cleansing protocols designed for humans.

Why are the Kidney Cleanse dosages different than what is stated on each supplement bottle?

The suggested use printed on each supplement label is for taking the single supplement on an as needed basis for general health purposes. The higher dosage suggestions in the Kidney Cleanse directions are specifically for the cleanse protocol.

Is one bag of Kidney Cleanse Tea enough for the 21-day Kidney Cleanse?

If you follow the tea preparation directions and the suggested serving size of 3/4 cup per day, the tea will last approximately 14 days. You can get double the amount of tea (28 days) if you use the herbs a second time. Simply freeze the herbs after straining the tea and use one more time.

For the Kidney Cleanse Tea preparation, is the cherry concentrate only for taste, or does it serve a functional purpose?

Dark Cherry Concentrate does more than just improve the taste of the Kidney Cleanse Tea. While cherries provide a nutrient profile rich in vitamins and antioxidants that support the health of the whole body, they are also a good source of citrate, a derivative of citric acid. Citrate reduces levels of uric acid in the blood. High levels of circulating uric acid can contribute to kidney stone formation.

Is one cleanse kit enough for two people?

If you follow the cleanse directions exactly, one cleanse kit has enough product for only one person to complete the 21-day cleanse.

Can I do the Quick Kidney Cleanse and expect the same results as the standard Kidney Cleanse?

The Quick Kidney Cleanse is a readymade blend of ingredients. It is convenient for travelling and for busy lifestyles. The Quick Kidney Cleanse can be used as an alternative to the standard Kidney Cleanse; however, the standard cleanse is more potent and more thorough. 

Will the Kidney Cleanse dissolve kidney stones?

According to traditional medicine views, the ingredients in the Kidney Cleanse have properties that may help to dissolve and prevent the formation of kidney stones. But we cannot guarantee that the Kidney Cleanse will dissolve kidney stones.

Will the Kidney Cleanse help me pass kidney stones?

Some of the naturally occurring compounds in the Kidney Cleanse may help to reduce the size of kidney stones, making them easier to pass; however, we cannot guarantee this outcome in all cases. If you have a kidney stone diagnosis, we recommend that you talk to your doctor about the best course of action for your situation.


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