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I personally guarantee that our products are made per dr.clark's protocols


My name is Oskar Thorvaldsson, the owner of Self Health Resource Center / Dr. Clark Store. You may have come here for many different reasons, so please feel free to click on the links below to go directly to what interests you. Our mission is to manufacture the purest products possible - in strict conformity with Dr. Hulda Clark and cGMP and to provide the best possible customer service with honesty and integrity. This was the very reason Self Health Resource Center was established in 1993. With that said, I would like to help you get orientated.

Most Important:

Above anything else know that the Parasite Cleanse was always Dr. Clark’s most important cleanse. Start with that cleanse. Know that the parasite cleanse is a systemic cleanse that works throughout the body. It’s not like the typical colon cleanse you may have become accustomed to. You won’t necessarily feel any difference - it is often more subtle. Also 90% of the effect of the cleanse is received when you take a weekly maintenance dose, so stay on the once weekly maintenance dose as long as you can.

If you have a medical concern, please contact a qualified healthcare professional who specializes in your condition. It is illegal for us to market our products to either heal or prevent any condition. With that said, we are happy to help you augment your understanding on the functioning of your body - provided you don’t substitute this information with advice from your doctor.

Quick Overview:

Here is a quick checklist of what Dr. Clark recommended - there is more of course, this is as much as we can talk about on this website.

Start the Parasite Cleanse - Read all about it here.

House Cleanse - How is the quality of the air in your house? Make sure you are not living near known air pollutants, then completely exchange the air in your house every day. Click here for the complete House Cleanse.

Water Cleanse - In 2006 Dr. Clark came to the conclusion that the quality of the water you drink is most important. Make sure your water is free of organic solvents. We recommend the Whole House Water Filter with the Hot Backwash.

Toiletries Cleanse - Click here.

Colon/Bowel Cleanse - Support digestion with HCL, Pepsin, and Digestive Enzymes (50 caps & 100 caps).

Kidney, Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse - Stay on the weekly Parasite Maintenance Cleanse and then do the Kidney Cleanse. With the Parasite and Kidney Cleanses done we recommend you go on the Liver Support Tea for at least 10 days. You will then have an easy time with the Liver Flushes. Do five Liver Flushes in a row with a 2 week break in between each flush. Of course, first consult with your doctor.

Please remember that only drug companies are allowed to make health claims in the USA and Europe. It is illegal for anyone else to make such claims even if convincing (university level research supports a health claim). For this reason we do not make health claims on our website and we cannot answer such questions on the phone or through email.


Dr. Hulda Clark
About Dr. Hulda Clark

History of Self Health Resource Center

Self Health Resource Center (SHRC) was founded in 1993 by Geoff Clark, the son of Dr. Hulda Clark, in response to his mother's request to create supplements without the usual toxic manufacturing aids that are so pervasive in supplements.

Under Geoff’s leadership the company invested in specialized equipment and production methods that enabled the production of nutritional supplements without toxic flow agents such as magnesium stearate.

Geoff sold the company to Oskar Thorvaldsson in 2006, who by then had become one of the largest clients under the name Dr. Clark Store. 

Oskar benefited tremendously from working directly with both Dr. Hulda Clark and Geoff Clark in learning how to manufacture pure supplements. Oskar also worked closely with Dr. Clark in developing the first water filter that was to Dr. Hulda Clark’s liking. This was to become the “hot backwash whole house water filter” that she wrote about in her books.

Under Oskar’s leadership the company has not withheld any resources in improving product quality even further than was accomplished by Geoff. SHRC/Dr. Clark Store now operates an in-house laboratory that uses the latest microbiology detection, operates an ICP to detect heavy metals and an FTIR to identify chemicals. The laboratory is instrumental in systematically achieving the highest level of purity and safety. Of course we continue to use Dr. Clark’s Syncrometer testing in addition to our laboratory analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions