Where can I find the Parasite Cleanse directions?

Detailed directions are included with purchase. You can also view the directions for all of our cleanses here.

How long is the Parasite Cleanse?

The Parasite Cleanse is 18-days long. However, it is recommended to do the weekly Maintenance Program for at least four weeks after the initial 18-day cleanse. Consider staying on the Maintenance Program indefinitely like Dr. Clark often recommended.

What other recommendations can I follow during the Parasite Cleanse?

Along with the regimen of herbs, you may also want to consider Dr. Clark’s additional recommendations. To help you sleep better take the amino acid Ornithine before bedtime, and to give you more energy during the day take the amino acid Arginine, especially if you choose the give up coffee while on the cleanse. Dr. Clark also recommended the use of device called a Zapper. Please conduct your own research about using a Zapper. Dr. Clark’s books are a great place for such information.

Do I have to change my diet during the Parasite Cleanse?

No dietary changes are necessary when taking the Parasite Cleanse or the weekly Maintenance Program. However, eating a clean, whole food-based diet may be beneficial since diets high in processed foods, refined grains, and refined sugars support parasite growth. Dr. Clark also recommended reducing or quitting coffee while cleansing, but this is not required.

Can I drink alcohol during the Parasite Cleanse?

While it’s not mandatory to cut out alcohol consumption during the Parasite Cleanse, it may be beneficial to do so. Alcohol gets converted to sugar in the body and parasites and other microbes feed on available sugar.

Can I continue to take prescription medications while on the Parasite Cleanse?

Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist regarding possible drug interactions between prescriptions or over the counter drugs and the Parasite Cleanse herbs.

Are there any side effects to the Parasite Cleanse?

You can expect increased elimination from all of Dr. Clark’s cleanses. Some people have reported minor flu-like symptoms. This is part of the Herxheimer Reaction (or herx reaction). When organisms are dying faster than your body can eliminate them, this can cause mild flu or allergy type symptoms. If you experience severe discomfort while on the Parasite Cleanse, you should stop taking the supplements and contact your healthcare professional.

You may also have difficulty sleeping while on the Parasite Cleanse. Dr. Clark attributed this to increased ammonia levels from waste products as microbes die. Increased ammonia in the brain, according to Dr. Clark, can cause sleep disturbances. Taking the amino acid ornithine can help to counteract the ammonia.

Will I see parasites in my stool when taking the Parasite Cleanse?

While some individuals may see evidence of organisms in their stool, this is not typical. You should not expect to see interesting looking “things” in your toilet bowl from the Parasite Cleanse.

Will I get diarrhea while I’m on the Parasite Cleanse?

Everyone’s body reacts differently to supplements. While it is common to experience better digestion on the Parasite Cleanse, some individuals may also experience a change in bowel movements. If you experience severe diarrhea while on the Parasite Cleanse, we suggest that you consult with your doctor.

How do the herbs in the Parasite Cleanse affect parasites? How does the Parasite Cleanse work?

Dr. Clark was adamant that Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood killed the adult and larval stages and Cloves killed the eggs. She insisted on using the three herbs together to attack all stages of the lifecycle.

Why do the directions say that the 18-day Parasite Cleanse only delivers 10% of the benefits?

During the initial 18-day Parasite Cleanse, you are gradually increasing the amount of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves until you’re taking the full recommended dose of each herb.

By starting off slowly, you help to avoid shocking the body with strong herbs. At the end of the 18 days only a portion of the cleanse benefits may be realized. The majority of the benefits come from taking the full dose of herbs repeatedly. This is why the weekly Maintenance Program is recommended for a minimum of 4 weeks. Consider staying on the Maintenance Program indefinitely like Dr. Clark often recommended.


How often should I do the Parasite Cleanse?

While Dr. Clark’s recommendation was to stay on the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program indefinitely, if it’s been more than 3 months since your last 18-day Parasite Cleanse or your last dose of the Maintenance Program, it’s recommended to start the 18-day Parasite Cleanse before jumping back into the weekly Maintenance Program. You may choose to do the cleanse in an abbreviated fashion if you have done it before.

Can I do the Parasite Cleanse while I’m pregnant?

If you are pregnant, we do not recommend that you do the Parasite Cleanse without speaking with your doctor first.

Can I do the Parasite Cleanse while I’m breastfeeding?

Because compounds found naturally in the Parasite Cleanse products can get into in breast milk, we do not recommend that you do the Parasite Cleanse while you are breastfeeding. Please consult with your doctor before attempting to do the cleanse.

Can I do the Parasite Cleanse if I’m allergic to tree nuts since walnut hull is an ingredient in the cleanse?

One of the supplements in the Parasite Cleanse is Black Walnut Hull, available in either tincture or capsule form. When making the Black Walnut Hull tincture, the allergen-containing nut is never exposed. The hull remains intact in the soaking solution. Please use your best judgment when deciding to use Black Walnut Hull tincture if you have tree nut allergies.

During the manufacturing process of freeze-dried Black Walnut Hull capsules (Black Walnut Blend), the hull is crushed and refined to a powder. While we do not utilize the allergen-containing nut from inside the hull, small fragments of the nut may unintentionally wind up in the finished product. If you have tree nut allergies, it is not advised that you use the Black Walnut Hull capsules, consider the Black Walnut Hull tincture instead.

Is one Parasite Cleanse kit enough to complete the 18-day protocol?

Yes. One Parasite Cleanse kit (1 Black Walnut Hull + 1 Wormwood + 1 Cloves) contains enough product for one person to complete the initial 18-day protocol. You will need to purchase more supplements if you intend to complete the recommended 4 weeks of the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program. Or simply purchase the Parasite Cleanse & Maintenance Program kit, which will supply one person with enough supplements to complete the initial 18-day protocol plus more than 4 weeks on the Maintenance Program. 


Is the Parasite Cleanse safe for children?

Cleansing is not recommended for children. However, the Parasite Cleanse can be modified for children younger than 18 years old. We do not recommend that you give the Parasite Cleanse to your child unless you do so under the careful guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional. Instructions for the modified Parasite Cleanse for children are included in the cleanse directions.

Is the Parasite Cleanse safe for pets?

The Parasite Cleanse can be modified for pets. Instructions for dogs and cats are included in the cleanse directions.

Why is it recommended that everyone in the household take the Parasite Cleanse together?

Microorganisms can pass from person to person living in close proximity. The whole household can be at risk of infection. Microorganisms can also pass from pets to people. Consider including your dog or cat in the household cleansing. The cleanse can be modified for children younger than 18 years old, as well as pets.

If I skip a day on the 18-day Parasite Cleanse, do I have to start over at day 1?

While it is advised to follow the cleanse schedule as close as possible, if you miss a day or two, simply pick up where you left off. If you stop for 4 days or longer, we recommend starting at the beginning.

Will the Parasite Cleanse harm the beneficial “good” bacteria in the digestive tract? Should I take probiotics when I do the Parasite Cleanse?

The Parasite Cleanse helps to balance the good and bad microorganisms in the gut. However, the cleanse uses potent herbs with antimicrobial properties and there is no guarantee that the “good” bacteria in your body will not be harmed during the cleanse. If you choose to supplement with probiotics, do so after you complete the initial 18-day cleanse to minimize any negative effect on the beneficial bacteria. If following the weekly Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program, take your probiotics at a different time than your Maintenance dose.


How do I know if the Parasite Cleanse is working?

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the herbs on the Parasite Cleanse. While you may not see evidence of parasite elimination in your stool, this is not the only sign that the cleanse is working. Some individuals report improved digestion, better brain function, and feeling better overall. Others report flu-like symptoms, which are often the result of the parasite die-off phase. And still others, say they didn’t experience any noticeable changes. Results may vary from person to person.

How do I know if I have parasites?

Parasitic infections don’t always have clear signs. Symptoms can be mistaken as other common ailments and this can make a true diagnosis difficult. Ask your doctor about getting tested for parasites. If your doctor’s office does not offer such tests, look for an independent lab testing facility that offers parasite testing services.

Is the Dr. Clark Store Parasite Cleanse similar to all-in-one tinctures that combine Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves?

While such herbal tinctures are available, we stick to Dr. Hulda Clark’s original protocol. Dr. Clark favored Wormwood and Cloves in whole herb form over tincture form.

What is the significance of the extra supplements in the Para Cleanse Plus kit?

For a deeper cleansing experience beyond the Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves protocol, we offer the Para Cleanse Plus. This kit includes three additional supplements: TapeParaKil Oil, Raz-Caps and Ornithine. TapeParaKil Oil is a 7-essential oil blend that has additional antimicrobial properties. Raz-Caps is a 5-herb blend that also offers additional antimicrobial power. Ornithine is an amino acid that helps you sleep while on the Parasite Cleanse, as sleep disturbances can occur due to parasite die-off.

Can I do the Parasite Cleanse while I’m taking other supplements to rid Candida at the same time?

Yes. If you are battling Candida overgrowth you can take the Parasite Cleanse and our other antifungal formulas, such as our Candida Cleanse, at the same time if you can handle the increased amount of potent herbs. You may also do the Parasite and Candida cleanses back-to-back if you feel that you cannot do them simultaneously. If you are taking prescription medications for Candida, please talk to a healthcare professional or conduct you own research on possible interactions with the Parasite Cleanse herbs.

If I follow a different schedule of supplements other than what is included in the Parasite Cleanse directions, will the cleanse still work?

Choosing to alter the doses of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves may change the efficacy of the cleanse. While you can slightly change the timing of your supplement doses to fit your schedule, it’s best to stick to the cleanse directions as close as possible. You may also follow the cleanse directions published in Dr. Clark’s books, which differ slightly from the directions included with your Parasite Cleanse purchase or those available on our website.

Why does the cleanse start with such a small quantity of Black Walnut Hull? Can I take more than the suggested amount?

The initial 18-day cleanse starts with single drops of tincture (not a dropper-full) or pinches of powder to ease you into the full dose because Black Walnut Hull is a potent herb. Starting with the full dose may cause some stomach discomfort in individuals with sensitive digestive tracts. For first-time users, it’s recommended to build up the dose gradually, as directed. If you have completed a similar parasite cleansing protocol with the same herbs, you may choose to start the cleanse at day 5 or 6. If skipping the first few days is too much, too quick, then start at day 1.

Can I start the Parasite Cleanse by doing the High Dose Program instead of the 18-day program?

No. If you have never done the Parasite Cleanse before, we recommend that you start with the 18-day cleanse protocol. The High Dose Program is not meant to be a substitute for the 18-day cleanse because the experience may be too intense for you. Gradually increasing the herbs over 18 days is a more pleasant experience. The High Dose Program is meant to be an alternative to the weekly Maintenance Program following the initial 18-day cleanse.

When do I start the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program?

Start the Maintenance Program 7 days after the last day of the 18-day Parasite Cleanse.

What supplements are needed for the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program?

You will need Black Walnut Hull (tincture or capsules), Wormwood, and Cloves. Take the following supplements together, 1 time per week for the duration of the Maintenance Program:

2 teaspoons Black Walnut Hull tincture OR 5 Black Walnut Hull capsules plus 7 Wormwood capsules plus 7 Cloves capsules

How long should I take the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program for?

A once-weekly maintenance dose is recommended for at least 4 weeks after the initial 18-day cleanse. However, consider staying on the Maintenance Program for up to year, as the effects are cumulative and help to minimize your risk of re-exposure. Some individuals choose to stay on the weekly Maintenance Program indefinitely.

Do I stop taking the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program when doing Dr. Clark’s other cleanses?

You can continue the Maintenance Program if taking any of Dr. Clark’s other cleanses. Just don’t schedule your Maintenance Program dose during the 2-day Liver Flush (part of the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse). If the day you take your Maintenance Program dose falls during the 2-day Liver Flush, simply postpone your maintenance dose until you have completed the Liver Flush.

When is the best time of day to take each product in the Parasite Cleanse?

The exact time of day you choose to take each dose of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves is up to you. Since it is recommended that you take each herb on an empty stomach, at least 13 minutes before a meal, many people plan their doses around breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

Why are the Parasite Cleanse dosages different than what is stated on each supplement bottle?

The suggested use printed on each supplement label is for taking the single supplement on an as needed basis for general health purposes. The higher dosage suggestions in the Parasite Cleanse directions are specifically for the cleanse protocol and are based on Dr. Hulda Clark’s recommendations for microbial cleansing.

What can I do if taking the supplements on an empty stomach, as recommended, upsets my stomach?

Try taking the supplements with food instead of on an empty stomach. If doing so still upsets your stomach, try breaking up the supplements into multiple, smaller doses. If you experience any severe discomfort after taking the supplements, discontinue use and consult with your healthcare professional.

If I weigh more or less than the average person, do I need to increase or decrease my doses of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves?

If you are using the Black Walnut Hull tincture and you weigh more than 150 pounds, take 2.5 teaspoons of tincture instead of 2 teaspoons. There is no need to increase or decrease your doses of Black Walnut Hull capsules, Wormwood or Cloves based on your weight.

Why do the freeze-dried Black Walnut Hull capsules (Black Walnut Blend) contain peppermint powder?

Black Walnut Hull is a potent herb that can upset sensitive stomachs. We add peppermint to help settle the stomach.

Is there an alternative for individuals who don’t want to take the alcohol-based Black Walnut Hull tincture?

Yes. Take the Black Walnut Hull capsules (GREEN Black Walnut Blend), which are alcohol-free.


What is the conversion from Black Walnut Hull tincture to Black Walnut Hull capsules?

There is no exact conversion, however, we estimate that 2 teaspoons of tincture is approximately 5 capsules.

Can I evaporate the alcohol in the Black Walnut Hull tincture by heating it?

You may put the tincture in lukewarm water to evaporate some of the alcohol, but do not use hot water because the high temperature may damage the tincture’s parasiticide power. You may take niacinamide to counteract the effect of the alcohol.

Can I keep the Black Walnut Hull tincture greener longer?

Our Black Walnut Hull tincture will start to gradually turn brown once it is open. This is a natural occurrence once the tincture has been exposed to oxygen. The change, however, is also an indication that the tincture is losing potency. The color change can start within a few days of being opened. Try to limit the oxygen exposure by replacing the cap immediately after each use. Keeping the tincture refrigerated after opening may help to slow the oxidation process.

Can I still use the Black Walnut Hull tincture when it’s no longer green?

Yes. While the color change from green to brown or black means that potency has been lost, the tincture can still be consumed. To get a more potent dose, double the amount of brown/black tincture you take.

Is it safe for an individual with gluten intolerance to take Black Walnut Hull tincture since it is made with grain alcohol?

The grain alcohol used to make Black Walnut Hull tincture is derived from corn. Consider taking the Black Walnut Hull capsules if you suspect any adverse reactions.


Can the Black Walnut Hull tincture be applied to the skin?

Exercise caution when applying Black Walnut Hull tincture to the skin. Some of the antifungal properties may be beneficial for fungal infections on the skin. Always test a patch of skin, such as the inner arm, and wait several hours to see if you develop any discomfort or negative reaction before applying to the skin as a treatment. Alcohol-based tinctures can be harsh on some skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, so be sure to patch test before applying to these sensitive areas. Be aware that Black Walnut Hull tincture does stain. Let the treated area dry thoroughly before covering it with clothing.



Are the walnut hull products green or black? The label says both.

The color of our Black Walnut Hull tincture and capsules is green because we use the unripe, green hulls from the black walnut tree species (Juglans nigra). The immature hulls have a higher juglone concentration than mature brown hulls. Juglone, an active compound in the hull, is the essence of any walnut hull tincture, making green tinctures more potent and more effective due to their higher juglone content. We emphasize the potency of our Black Walnut Hull products by calling them GREEN Black Walnut Hull.

Do you have regular strength Black Walnut Hull tincture?

Some parasite cleansing protocols may call for regular strength Black Walnut Hull tincture, however, Dr. Clark Store only sells extra strength tincture. We haven’t sold regular strength tincture for several years. Our extra strength, green tincture contains up to 10 times more juglone, the active compound in Black Walnut Hull that microbes hate, than brown or black colored walnut tinctures.

The Pet Parasite Cleanse directions in Dr. Clark’s books say to give pets regular strength Black Walnut Hull tincture, but Dr. Clark Store only sells extra strength. Where can I purchase regular strength tincture?

You may be able to find regular strength Black Walnut Hull tincture from other manufacturers, but you may not get the same quality and assurance of purity as Dr. Clark Store’s Black Walnut Hull tincture. An alternative would be to give your pets the powder from inside our Black Walnut Hull capsules.

Can I make my own Black Walnut Hull tincture and use it for the Parasite Cleanse?

Yes. You can find recipes for making your own Black Walnut Hull tincture from various sources, including Dr. Clark’s books. See The Cure for All Cancers for regular strength, or The Cure for All Diseases for the extra strength recipe. Please note that the potency of your tincture is crucial to cleansing. Follow Dr. Clark’s instructions for using the unripe, green hulls to maximize tincture potency.

Why is there Quassia  added to the Wormwood formula if Dr. Clark did not use them in her published Parasite Cleanse protocol?

Quassia herb has additional antimicrobial properties. This herb complements the action of Wormwood for a deeper cleansing effect. Dr. Clark’s original published recommendation for Wormwood is 200-300 mg per capsule. Our Wormwood supplements (Super W Blend or Wormwood Blend) contain more than 200 mg of Wormwood per capsule, which meets Dr. Clark’s recommendation.

Can I do the Parasite Cleanse using only the Wormwood and Cloves?

If you choose to alter the cleanse directions, doing so may change the efficacy of the cleanse. Both the Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood attack the adult and larval stages of the parasite lifecycle, but omitting the Black Walnut Hull from the cleanse protocol may change how quickly and effectively harmful organisms are eliminated.

Why is Ornithine recommended with the Parasite Cleanse?

Increased ammonia levels due to parasites can cause sleep disturbances. Parasites release ammonia as a waste product during the die-off stage. The amino acid Ornithine is an ammonia reducer. Take Ornithine at bedtime as needed to help you sleep. Start with 2 capsules at bedtime, but you may need up to 6 or 8 capsules in order the feel the effect. Sleep aids should not be used continuously for more than 7 days.

Why is Arginine referenced in the Parasite Cleanse?

Arginine is another amino acid that can be helpful during the Parasite Cleanse. Like Ornithine, Arginine helps to remove ammonia released by parasites. Arginine, however, is an energizer that should be taken during the daytime. This is helpful if you’re feeling tired during daytime hours while on the Parasite Cleanse, especially if you have chosen to give up caffeine (coffee) while on the cleanse. Take as needed in the morning or during daytime hours.

What are the capsule sizes of the products in the Parasite Cleanse?

Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood are in size “0” capsules. Cloves are in size “0” capsules. Capsule sizes remain the same whether you purchase the Parasite Cleanse in gelatin or plant-based tapioca capsules.

What is a “pinch” of powder referenced in the Parasite Cleanse directions?

This refers only to products in capsules and does not apply to Black Walnut Hull in tincture form. A “pinch” of powder is an arbitrary measurement with no predetermined value. During the first few days on the 18-day Parasite Cleanse, you are instructed to take less than a whole capsule of Black Walnut Hull. To take such small doses, we recommend that you pull apart one capsule and dump out the powdered ingredients. Using your thumb and index finger, take a “pinch” of the powdered ingredients.

We do realize that not everyone’s pinch will be the same since fingertip sizes vary from person to person. Since you are gradually increasing your dose of Black Walnut Hull to get your body used to the potent herb, there is no need to take an exact amount of the powdered ingredients until day 5.

You will also encounter pinches of powder if following the Parasite Cleanse for pets.

Is a “drop” of tincture referenced in the Parasite Cleanse directions the same as a dropper full of tincture?

No. If you are using Black Walnut Hull in liquid tincture form, a “drop” means a single droplet from a pipette or dropper. It does not mean fill the dropper and take all the tincture inside. During the first few days on the 18-day Parasite Cleanse, you are instructed to take small doses of Black Walnut Hull to gradually get your body used to the potent tincture. There is no need to take larger doses until instructed further along in the cleanse.

What is the Mop Up Program and where can I find directions for it?

The Mop Up Program is Dr. Clark’s additional protocol to clear up any remaining tapeworm larvae and Ascaris eggs using ozonated olive oil and cysteine following the Parasite Cleanse. Directions for the Mop Up Program can be found in Dr. Clark’s books The Cure for All Cancers, The Cure for HIV and AIDS, and The Cure for All Advanced Cancers. You can also find modified versions of the Mop Up Program on the internet.

What types of parasites will the cleanse get rid of?

This is a general microbial cleanse designed to disrupt the lifecycle of many harmful microorganisms. We do not guarantee the cleanse will target any parasite species in particular. You can read about how Dr. Clark used the cleanse for specific parasites by reading through the case studies published in her books.

Will the cleanse target specific organs or areas in the body?

The Parasite Cleanse will most likely affect harmful organisms in the digestive tract first. With time, the active compounds with parasiticide properties will circulate through the body to other organ systems.

How are parasites effected by the moon? Should I do the Parasite Cleanse during particular phases of the lunar cycle?

Dr. Clark makes no reference in her books to how parasites or other organisms are affected by the lunar cycle. However, through your own research, you can find references stating that parasites are more active during the full moon phase and that this is an ideal time for parasite cleansing. Please use your own research or speak to a qualified health specialist for guidance on parasite cleansing during a full moon.


This information is for research purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice from a qualified healthcare professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please read full disclaimer here.