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Dr. Clark Store Super Zappicator Box

Super Zappicator Box


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  • Product Description

    The Speaker Box, when connected to a 1kHz frequency, offers the benefits of a magnetic field that:

    • helps “reset” any type of food to its natural energetic North Polarized fields and
    • helps balance the body's natural electricity.

    The Zappicator can be used both on food and anywhere on the body.

    The Zappicator Frequency penetrates all materials, including containers, like bowls and dishes - but not metal containers (no cans). Both dry food, such as cereal or oats, and liquid food can be treated in this manner.

    Items Included:

    1. North Pole FreeCoil SuperZappicator
    2. Directions


    Note: This unit does not come with a Frequency Generator. Purchase either the SyncroZap. Compatible with SyncroZap A10 and A11 models.

    Note: Do not use this device to sanitize your food. We offer this device to help you “reset” any type of food to its natural energetic North Polarized fields and to help balance your body's natural electricity for health and well-being.

    Note: Tooth zappicators should not be used! After further research it was found that the Tooth Zappicator is too weak and should not be used at all  – instead use the SuperZappicator Box. Tooth zappicators may still be sold on the internet by those not knowing this.

    Warranty: We will be glad to repair or replace (if necessary) any defective Zappicator Box for one full year after purchase.

    As per our Return Policy, used equipment/electronics incur a 15% restocking fee.

    Zapper FAQ

    *We ask you to please NOT ask us if the zappers can treat any aliments or disease. It is our policy to not discuss any health related issues to any of our customers. We cannot advise on treatments for conditions, including equipment. The zappers and accessories are sold for research and entertainment purposes only.

    This is not a medical item and can’t be advocated for use for any medical purposes.

    This item is for spiritual, religious, entertainment and research purposes only.

    An example of spiritual use is for example the plate zapping of precious stones such as a blue sapphire, red ruby or a diamond in the tradition of Indian Jyotish. This may pick up the sattvic nature of the gems placed on the plates. Try it – it’s wonderful!

    *Disclaimer Notice: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please read full disclaimer here.

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