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Water Filters

According to Dr. Hulda Clark and other health professionals, clean water is imperative not only for drinking, but also for bathing. Remember, your skin is a porous organ that absorbs whatever substances are on it – including water and the contaminants lurking in it.

A great misconception is that tap water is safe because it’s regulated by governing municipalities. When in fact, local governments regulate the addition of life-threatening chemicals for “health and safety” reasons. The practice of chlorination and fluoridation are being scrutinized as the negative effects on human health are becoming clearer.

Take control over water quality in your home with our water filtration systems. Whether your issues are with chlorine, fluoride, solvents, heavy metals, or water borne organisms, we’ve got a water filter for you. Use one filter as a standalone solution or connect multiple filters in a series to customize a home water filtration system to satisfy your water quality needs.

Shop and compare our collection of whole house and point of use shower and countertop water filters. Whether you own a house with multiple bathrooms or rent a studio apartment, you can filter out potential health threats from your water.