Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter, Version 3

Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter (Version 3)

Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter, Version 3

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Water quality had caused Dr. Clark grave concerns as she found it affected her patients negatively. Her primary concern was solvents in water such as chlorine, benzene and motor oil. According to conventional science such solvents are best filtered with coconut carbon.

However Dr. Clark found that all such filters caused a major problem because the very solvents the filters took out always recontaminate all subsequent water that would run through the filter - in micro amounts. She found the solution to this problem was a superior and more thorough backwash. By backwashing the carbon with hot water instead of cold water she was able to regenerate the carbon to her satisfaction.

This is of course the same principle as to why you get more impurities (especially solvents such as oils) out of your clothes when washing them in hot water rather than cold water.

Dr. Clark turned to Dr. Clark Store because she knew that she could rely on the company that was established by her son, Geoff Clark all the way back in 1993.

Version 3 is the New and Improved Dr. Clark Whole House Filter from Version 2. The design is the same, but we have made some improvements to maximize your usage. The difference between the Version 2 and Version 3 is that we have added bigger filters, pipes and valves. This helps improve pressure and water flow through out your home.

If you need a small filter - without backwash - get one that is inexpensive to replenish. That’s how you get rid of the buildup of solvents in your filters.

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Automatic and Programmable
Hot Backwash Whole House Water Filter
Unique Design with Hot Water Cleaning
Loose Carbon Media
Fully Automatic
Superior Filtration
Large Filter
Easy Install
Complete Coverage
Does Not Create “Hungry Water”
No Additives
Plumbers Instructions
Considerations Before You Purchase
Whole House Water Filter Guarantee
Why Gas-Powered Water Heater?
Parts List



Automatic and Programmable

Dr. Clark Whole House Water Filter - Version 3 includes a Computerized Main Control Valve. When you receive it the valve is set to 10 minutes backwash plus 6 minutes rinse cycle. This equals 16 minutes total x 4 gallons per minute (GPM) = 64 gallons.

You can reduce the 64 GPM water consumption to 40 GPM on the Version 3 Filters by reducing the backwash time to 6 minutes backwash and rinse time to 4 minutes (10 minutes x 4 GPM = 40 gallons per backwash.

Further on Version 3 Filter you can adjust the backwash to always happen at the same time of the week. You have a choice between every day to every 99 days.

Hot Backwash Whole House Water Filter

Designed by Dr. Clark
In 2007, after 2 years of researching many filter combinations and testing of countless of filter mediums Dr. Clark finally found this filter and filter medium to meet her requirements. Oskar, Kirk White and an engineer worked under the direct instructions of Dr. Hulda Clark and came up with a workable design that met Dr. Clark’s strict requirements and gained her approval after 6 months of frequent testing of the water. She found that the water from this filter (after an initial hot back wash) was purer than from any other filters on the market.

The basic idea that hot carbon is more easily cleaned in hot water than cold is perhaps intuitive for most people that do dishes and laundry. There may also be a more scientific explanation because hot water has been proven to expand the tiny little pores in the activated carbon, hence making it easier for pollutants to be dislodged from the trap.



Specially processed and pre-hot-washed Activated Carbon from Coconut Shells is used as filter medium. This filter is the brainchild of Dr. Hulda Clark herself. It met Dr. Clark’s strict requirements and gained her final approval after 6 months of frequent testing of the water. Dr. Clark found that the water from this filter (after an initial hot back wash) was purer than from any other filters available.



Since the filter does not contain tightly packed filter media, it back-washes effectively, washing out impurities. Solid carbon filters cannot do this. Dr. Clark found that all other filters trap impurities within the filter and distribute microscopic amounts of those toxins into the water during the life of the filter.

Unique Design with Hot Water Cleaning

This is the first filter on the market that takes advantage of the fact that carbon pores expand in hot water allowing for a more effective backwash (regeneration).


Loose Carbon Media

Only loose carbon can be effectively regenerated. During backwash the carbon media is lifted up and tumbled around in hot water. This is not possible with tightly packed filters. Loose carbon also prevents the formation of “water ways” in the carbon. Water follows the law of least resistance and with time it carves a water way right through your filter. Those waterways are destroyed during backwash.


Fully Automatic

The filter is fully automatic and performs a Hot Water Backwash every 1 to 99 days (your choice). Dr. Clark recommends every 5 days. Dr. Clark wanted the filter automatic because she found from experience that (a) people don't change filters on time (b) forget to initiate manual backwashes.


Superior Filtration

Activated Carbon is known for being the most effective filter medium for organic solvents, such as oils, benzene, and chlorine. Those are the type of toxins Dr. Clark is most concerned with.


Large Filter

The shear quantity of carbon (1 cu ft) contributes to the filters effectiveness.



Main filter medium (1 qubic ft carbon) does not need to be changed more often than once every 3 to 5 years. You can control how often the system backwashes in order to save water.


Easy Install

We now have the filter “pre-installed” on a board so that you don’t have to pay your plumber to become confused about how to install it. We have also recently simplified the electronic circuits, making for a “fail-proof” installation.


Complete Coverage

You get rid of toxic elements before the water enters the house. For a full list of these elements and the filters effectiveness on them click here.


Does Not Create “Hungry Water”

The filter does not take out all your minerals from the water and therefore does not attach to your plumbing system as “hungry water does”.


No Additives

The filter does not add any chemicals to your water.

Many prominent researchers agree with Dr. Clark that chlorine is a killer. It is even defined by the US EPA as a pesticide! Dr. Robert Carlson, a highly accomplished researcher from the University of Minnesota who’s work is sponsored by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, sums it up by claiming, “the chlorine problem is similar to that of air pollution”, and adds that “chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times!”


Plumbers Instructions

Quick Reference Guide
When you open the image, please maximize your browser windows to see the instructions clearly.





Considerations Before You Purchase

Filter must be installed vertically (does not work in horizontal position) with inflow, outflow and drain in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to meet applicable building codes.

Installation typically costs $600. We don’t recommend you install this by yourself.

Additional costs will apply if you want to operate the system outside USA on another voltage because you need special transformers. If you live in a 220V area please make sure to request a 220V a/c adapter for the main filter head. You still need a step up transformer in order to power the a/c adapter for the 4 automatic valves.

NOTE: Like stated, this size of the Whole House Filter fits a 2 bathroom house, however should you run two showers, a dishwasher, and water the lawn at the same time the filter will most likely not be able to purify your water sufficiently. Purification is a factor of how long the water has contact with the coconut carbon. Water saving shower-heads, faucets and toilets are good investments for that reason as well others.

NOTE: Before installing the filter please be aware that Dr. Clark preferred gas-powered water heaters over electric water heaters. The filter will still work properly with an electric heater because the main task of this filter is to remove organic solvents such as chlorine from the water. Dr. Clark was concerned that electric water heaters pollute the water with metallic heavy metals that are emitted from the heating elements inside the electric heaters. When those heating elements heat up to hundreds of degrees they inevitably pollute the water. Therefore Dr. Clark recommended people to get gas powered water heaters installed at the same time they install the whole house water filter. See more information below.

NOTE: This system works on both 1 inch and ¾ inch plumbing system. In order to help not loose pressure because of this installation make sure to plumb 1 inch pipes (PVC or CPVC) from "water main" to filter.

NOTE: Should you want to filter well water you are advised to install an inline UV Water Bug Eradicator system (call Customer Service for purchasing those). Connect it on the Main Water Inn, after the Whole House Filter.

Attention: This filter is not designed to work in tandem with any other water purification equipment (except UV Water Bug Eradicator and Fluoride Max Eradicator). It’s up to you to decide if you disconnect other purification equipment.

NOTE: The main filter head, tank and automatic valves are manufactured to work properly on a residential building. However we have not gotten any approval for this system as a whole, from any government agency. Therefore this system may not be compliant to building codes. Fore example your area regulations may state that you can only solenoids made with copper and they may state that you cannot use any check valves made from PVC. Further some regulations may state that you cannot put hot water into the carbon tank or that you cannot use cPVC plumbing. For this reason, you may not pass building inspections when you sell the house. We advice you to simply uninstall the system and take it with you.

Regarding Chloramine Removal: Chloramine, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, can be used as a chlorine substitute for disinfection purposes. Chloramines can be removed from water with similar carbon filtration methods as chlorine removal, however, it requires a greater amount of carbon and longer contact time to do the job. If your city disinfects its public water supply with chloramines you will need to triple the size of your carbon filter used for chlorine removal. For more efficient chloramine removal, consider using catalytic carbon. For removal of both chloramines and chlorine, consider filtering your water first with catalytic carbon and then with activated coconut charcoal.

Whole House Water Filter Guarantee

You get 1 year manufacturer guarantee on all components, including all valves. We also offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Should you not be happy with the system for any reason, please return it for a refund, minus a 15% restocking fee. However, should any part of the system be defective you are entitled to an exchange of the part in question, after trouble shooting sessions. There is no refund on shipping.

Limitations to guarantee

We cover parts but not labor
We pressure test the entire system to be free of any leaks prior to shipping. We do not pay service charges in case the system is not working. We only guarantee the parts themselves. Please ask your plumber for a service guarantee. We are not liable to cover any plumbing bills under any circumstances. Each board is tested for leaks before it is sent out. We guarantee that the assembly board is working properly and does not leak when it leaves our facility. However if it does leak - it may have gotten damaged during shipping - this has not happened before but if it does happen we cannot pay for a plumber to repair it however we are happy to send you parts.

International Clients
If you use the filter anywhere else than in USA all warranty on electrical parts are voided if you plug them directly into 220V. The filter system is configured for 110v. You can order from at no additional cost (at time of ordering unit) a replacement a/c adapter specifically made for the main filter head that works on 220v to 240v. The a/c adapter that works powers the 4 automatic valves need a "step up transformer" which you can order at additional cost from us.

Why Gas-Powered Water Heater?

All traditional water heaters are made in the same way, with glass lining. This is industry standard. However electric heaters have a very hot element in direct contact with the water. This is what Dr. Hulda Clark did not like, according to her theories the hot element leached metals into the water.

Here is a link to a water heater spec sheet:

They don’t talk much about glass lining but in 6th paragraph they mention GLASS COATING. They are protecting it from rust but at the same time protect the water from any contact with hot metal. Basically they pour hot glass into the tank after its made and code it with glass.

One of the main companies producing hot water heaters of this type are:

A. O. Smith Water Products Company
500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway
Ashland City , Tennessee, USA 37015
1-800-527-1953 dial for service info ext 4 ext 3
FAX: 1-615-792-2163

Q: Do I have to purchase a gas powered water heater in order to make the Dr. Clark Whole House Filter work?

A: No. If you have access to gas to heat your water in a gas powered water heater then that is preferred but not absolutely necessary. The reason for this is that electric heaters work by heating the water with elements that pollute the water slightly. How you heat your water does not affect the performance of our water filter, it just gives you the additional benefits of not polluting your water with ions of heavy metals emitting from your heating elements. Gas powered water heaters heat the water "slower" and are lined with glass that protect the water from contact with metal. Our filter focuses on taking out organic solvents, such as chlorine, oil and benzine. It takes out some minerals but not all.


Parts List

  1. Water filter tank (9” by 48”)
  2. Control Valve with Micro-Switch
  3. Transformer: 24V AC, 1.25A
  4. Pre-washed coconut carbon in Whole House Filter, 1 cubic foot (inside filter) and 10 lbs pure gravel pebbles
  5. Two Normally Open Automatic (Solenoid) In-Line Valves
  6. Two Normally Closed Automatic (Solenoid) In-Line Valves
  7. Two blue filter housings for backwash and carbon debris filter
  8. Tool for removing filter housings
  9. Coconut carbon and cartridge for backwash filter
  10. Fiber filter for collecting carbon debris
  11. Leads with color coding for easy installation
  12. Tube for backwash outlet
  13. Teflon tape
  14. Thermometer
  15. Instructions with diagram
  16. Two page Service Manual Card (inside Main Filter Housing)


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