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Whole House Filters

Clean water is everyone’s right, but sadly we can’t rely on local water agencies to make it so. Your local government may be treating public water with chlorine for sanitation purposes and fluoride for preventative health purposes. But despite their claims of health and safety, many health professionals have pointed out the dangers of toxins in the water we drink and bathe in.

Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, solvents, chemical fertilizers and water borne pathogens are just some of the potential health threats hiding in public water supplies. But you can safeguard your family by taking matters into you own hands. Whole house water filters allow you to eliminate dangerous toxins and harmful microbes from your water before every point of use.

Browse our selection of household water filters and accessories to determine which system fits your home’s needs. We have filters that specialize in chlorine and fluoride removal, as well as pathogen eradication. Use one system alone or connect multiple filters in a series to customize a dynamic home water filtration system. For even better water quality assurance, install one of our point of use shower or countertop kitchen filters in conjunction with a whole house water filter.

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