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Zappers & Accessories

As you read through Dr. Hulda Clark’s books or conduct your own research on her protocols for health, you’ll come across the use of a frequency device she called a zapper.

While other models of zappers are available from other companies, not all Dr. Clark zappers are created equally. The SyncroZap™ was made first by our company, Self Health Resource Center, in 1993, using Dr. Clark’s preferred technology. The SyncroZap™ brand is the original Dr. Hulda Clark zapper.

Some zappers use specific frequencies with smart keys. However, Dr. Clark did not find this method effective. Dr. Clark turned away from zapping with specific frequencies and instead favored plate zapping technology. According to Dr. Clark’s theories, plate zapping is an ideal way to capture and transfer subtle signature frequencies. She explained that the zapper provides the carrier on which these signature frequencies ride on.

The SyncroZap™ zapper was the first zapper brand and remains 100% compliant with Dr. Clark’s research and preference of plate zapping technology. Browse our zapper options and accessories to find the most convenient zapping protocol for you.

These electronics are not medical devices and cannot be advocated for use for any medical purpose. These items are for experimental and research purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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