Common Parasites That Cause Complications

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Have you heard of the parasite called "worms"? People can have them, but it is not always easy to tell because they're pretty small and are also called immune system parasites. They feed off our bodies when we don't take proper hygiene measures. These little guys are transmitted through infected contact or contaminated food or water sources, so make sure to follow sound sanitation practices and adopt suitable parasite cleanse routines if you do get infected.

What are Parasites?


When we think of parasites, it's hard not to picture a tiny creature with many legs scurrying across our skin. But these organisms can be simple or complex in form - many different types of parasites can live in or feed off their human host. As part of their lifecycle, they invade our body, move around and change hosts until they find someone new to invade with an infectious disease. In addition, they need enough food and moisture so that their life cycle will run its course before the body shows an immune response to parasitic infection.

There are various types and degrees to which parasites affect humans. Some stick around for just the trip; others have been known to clinch their grip after arriving in new territory. In turn, this could lead one down an unhealthy path if not treated quickly enough with medications or other remedies (like parasite cleanse kits) available on-site at your local pharmacy.

6 Common Parasitic Worms


Human parasites live on or in our bodies and may not be visible to the naked eye. Although the body’s defenses show immunity to parasites and makes an effort to fight them off, there are still many ways to get parasites and suffer from the consequences. Some remain dormant for a long time, while others can start causing symptoms of their presence immediately. 

At this point, you have several options to go by, but pay attention to your body and notice abnormal effects. If there are any, consult your doctor immediately and start the treatment regimen according to their advice. You have several options to do so, but a better choice is to opt for a Parasite Cleanse Kit. It helps clear the body of parasites and restores lost health and vitality. 

Here we discuss six common worms that cause infections and remind you why parasite cleansing is important.


    1. Pinworm


Humans infected by this parasite often experience an itching sensation around the anus, where the pinworms lay eggs. When scratched or touched, larvae can enter through skin surfaces and migrate down into muscles where they live out part of their life cycle before coming back up again in some cases.

The pinworm is a pesky parasite that can survive in clothing, bedding, and other objects. It affects humans of all ages or socioeconomic levels. Still, an infection will only take place if not treated with medication. Your doctor may prescribe medications for you to use or over-the-counter ones or even herbs that kill parasites. This disease spreads quickly and easily through contact, often before infected clothing and bedding are washed properly, leading to reinfection! To avoid getting infected, make sure you practice proper hygiene like washing hands regularly.


    2. Tapeworm


The pork tapeworm is a parasite that hooks onto the human intestine. They can feed off their hosts for up 25 years, and it's common in developing countries like India, where people don't always cook meat thoroughly enough before eating. Infection also spreads by livestock and wild game (wild boar) that contaminated vegetation that is later consumed by humans. 

The eggs can be discharged with high doses of Bendrozole, a drug used against epilepsy, but this practice has not yet been approved worldwide due to severe side effects. So, it is better to consider a natural remedy or buy a Parasite Cleanse Kit after understanding its role in the overall wellbeing.

The symptoms of tapeworm infection can be more than just diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It may also lead to inflammation in your intestines or brain while eating, which could cause dizziness, weight loss, and malnutrition! If you experience these unexplained symptoms, see your doctor right away and discuss ways to improve your immune system because all three conditions require immediate medical attention if left untreated.


    3. Roundworm


Malaria is a massive problem in some parts of the world because there are no barriers between humans and mosquitoes. This means that anyone who comes into contact with infected blood could potentially carry roundworm eggs inside them. After that, they can end up in the intestinal wall or bloodstream of a host, and start traveling around until maturity, where each adult size ranges from 1 mm to 3 inches long. The most common species among these is Ribbon Flowers (Ascaris lumbricoides) which get into our bodies by consuming contaminated food or drink.

These worms can grow up to 35 centimeters long and appear in feces. Generally, the infection does not cause symptoms, but it manifests once these infections develop, causing fever; tiredness (sometimes with feelings of exhaustion); an allergic rash that looks like eczema on your skin or lips; vomiting accompanied by diarrhea, which could lead to dehydration if you don't drink enough liquids while suffering from this illness. 

You can take Immune System Supplements to boost your body’s defenses. Moreover, there are several natural home remedies for worms like black walnut, clove oil and wormwood etc, which are great to rid your body off these parasites. 


     4. Flatworm


Liver flukes are flatworms that can infect humans with an illness known as fascioliasis. Fasciola hepatica is the most common type known to contaminate watercress and other freshwater vegetation. Still, there's also another kind called Fonsecaea solani which comes from drinking water from contaminated lakes or rivers.

These immune system parasites enter your intestines via ingestion - even if you think nothing happened at all. Once inside their host body (you), they'll find any place suitable for growth, including muscle tissues.


     5. Whipworm


Whipworm is one of the types of roundworms that lives in the large intestine. Eggs are passed during stool, and transmission occurs when someone eats unwashed vegetables or fruit contaminated with these eggs. Transmission also comes from not washing your hands thoroughly after gardening or other outdoor activities before eating or preparing food.

A moderate infestation will cause symptoms like painful passage times. Still, severe cases may also result in anemia due to reduced blood flow throughout various body parts, including hips, bones, etc.


     6. Hookworm


The hookworm parasite develops outside the body and is acquired by ingesting contaminated water, fruits, or vegetables. When inside human intestines, they attach themselves to walls with two pairs of teeth before consuming blood from their host's buccal capsule.

When someone gets hookworm, the parasites are transmitted by touching their dirty feet to soil and then walking around barefoot. People can also get infected when eating crops that have been fertilized with human feces or drinking water contaminated by these microscopic parasites.

Stay Safe and Healthy


Your best bet is to be careful about the enemy of your body, know what you are exposing yourself to, and make certain that anything ingested is not contaminated. This includes using an insect repellent, washing hands before eating or drinking anything else (even soda fountains aren't always clean), wearing different footwear for indoor versus outdoor use. Also, in case a worm does invade your body, you can buy a parasite cleanse kit for effective and efficient treatment.  

In case a parasite does attack, consider opting for natural remedies like Black Walnut For Parasites, as your first choice. Consult your physician about the whole treatment regimen and start immediately. In addition, get proper advice and follow guidelines to keep your health in check. With any treatment plan, you’ll want to know if your parasite cleanse is working.

While parasitic worm infections can happen anywhere, be especially vigilant if you are visiting or working in developing countries where hygiene standards vary greatly. 


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