How to Detox Aluminum? The Unique Properties of Silica

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Aluminum exposure has been linked to various health issues, including neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, vaccine injuries to children, and is implicated in a wide range of diseases resulting from its neurotoxicity (1). Therefore, finding effective methods to detoxify aluminum is essential for maintaining overall health and preventing neurodegenerative disease.

Silicon Supplementation: How Does It Work?

Researchers have established that silicon plays a critical role in reducing the body's aluminum burden and have uncovered just how it does so. It works by forming hydroxyaluminosilicate complexes, which are then excreted through urine. This process in which a molecule of silicic acid combines with alluminum hydroxide, to form hydroxaluminosilicate-A, which is further changed by silicic acid to form hydroxyalluminosilicate B.

“It is this rearrangement of the bonds around just one of the aluminium atoms that makes HASB ultimately so stable. It is as if the aluminium atoms are now fully enclosed by silicic acid making them wholly inaccessible. You have now learned the secret (until discovered by me) behind why silicon-rich mineral waters facilitate the removal of aluminium from the body. The higher content of silicic acid promotes the formation of HASB and these stable hydroxyaluminosilicates can then be filtered from the blood by the kidney.”

Dr. Christopher Exley, a prominent biologist in the field of aluminum toxicity, has conducted extensive studies on the role of silicon in detoxifying aluminum. His research, published on his Substack, provides compelling evidence supporting the efficacy of silicon supplementation.

Read Dr. Exley's Contribution to Science

Recommended Intake

Common sources of dietary silicon include mineral water, cereals, and certain fruits and vegetables. However, we likely need supplementation to get adequate amounts, and to detoxify aluminum.

A major source of silica is food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is composed of 80-90% silicon, and a small enough quantity may be absorbable when ingested and converted to the absorbable form. Some health experts suggest that it can be mixed in smaller amounts than used for parasite cleansing, with distilled water, to get the silicic acid form. Anecdotal evidence suggest many people find that diatomaceous earth improves skin, heari and nail health, indicating its silica content is bioavailable to some extent. 

However, for bioavailability, the best supplemental form of silica is orthosilicic acid, or Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid.


Case studies have shown significant reductions in aluminum levels in patients who followed a silicon supplementation regimen. These findings are backed by laboratory tests that confirm the efficacy of this detox method (2).

Detoxifying aluminum from the body is vital for preventing various health issues. Silicon supplementation offers a scientifically supported method to achieve this goal and medical professionals should consider incorporating this approach into their practice to enhance patient outcomes.





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