Nebulizing with Peroxide and Iodine

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Suppressed Research Reveals Quick, Reliable, Safe COVID Recovery:  Using Nebulized 0.03% Hydrogen Peroxide And Iodine - Even for Advanced Stages of Diseased Lungs.

What if there existed a cure for COVID that didn’t rely on patents? Perhaps you would not be surprised that it would be suppressed, right? 

BMJ, the most prestigious medical journal in the world recently reported “Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?” Money skews research and WHAT gets researched and there is plenty of money in COVID for both pharma companies and others.

One of the most important COVID recovery efforts that have been chronically underfunded since before the epidemic is how to use nebulized hydrogen peroxide and iodine for recovery. 

Did you know that those who manage taxpayer funded US Government health agencies have a revolving door to pharma? Did you know that the same agencies generally don’t fund research into anything non patentable? 

There is more politics in health care than there is in politics.

Iodine and HP. A story about two suppressed powerful unpatentable drugs.

Some supplements have dramatic effects and not all supplements work slowly, some work real fast. Have you ever tried taking iodine tincture (Lugol’s) for food poisoning? 12 drops in ¼ glass of water works within 3 minutes. This virtually works every time by anyone who tries it. But doctor’s don’t talk about this! They don’t know anything about iodine anymore. Did you know that iodine was the go to medicine for any doctor in the old days. Not anymore. It has been suppressed for years now. A good book about Iodine is a masterpiece of a book by Lynne Farrow, “The Iodine Crisis”. Buy it and read it asap. It covers how she healed herself from breast cancer using iodine. The forward of that book is by Dr. David Brownstein. 

How much money has been made by the medical industrial complex on the COVID pandemic? Pfizer alone is set to make 55 billion on COVID. Of over $100 billion in revenue, $24.2 from Paxlovid and $29.7 billion from the vaccine.

Unfortunately our government has colluded with Phyzer and others to conceal the fact that COVID, like any other respiratory illness, is easily curable. Our government, instead of researching unpatentable cures to diseases, instead suppressed them. In the case of Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) you can find several articles promoted by our corrupt US government about how dangerous HP can be. They talk of nebulizing with  10% HP, which is a ridiculously high concentration you don’t even put on your skin, let alone nebulize with it. It is true that nebulizing with 3% HP can lead to throat irritation. 

However you don’t need to nebulize with 3%HP, one hundred times less of a concentration is plenty, or 0.03% if you also put a couple of drops of iodine tincture - food grade Lugol’s in the medical cup. See exact formula below.

For arguments sake let's suppose you needed to suffer from a bit of a dry throat from nebulizing with 3% HP, that would be totally worth it if you prevented or cured COVID in the process, right? But you don’t have to! Our dear government does nothing to help us. They are disconnected from reality, hypnotized into the world of for-profit patent medicine. Ignoring the cure that has been available for free, all this time.

Dr. David Brownstein:

Dr. David Brownstein has been employing nebulized 0.03% food-grade hydrogen peroxide as an essential component of his COVID treatment. 

His go-to treatment for COVID-19 and other upper respiratory infections is nebulized hydrogen peroxide and iodine. Dr. David Brownstein currently runs a clinic located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, and has effectively treated more than a hundred people with various respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

Reason for Dr. Brownstein’s Notoriety:

The reason Dr. Brownstein is most well-known is likely because of his advocacy for iodine as well as its supplementation. Additionally, he was a pioneer in the use of nebulized peroxide and vitamin D optimization.

Dr. Brownstein also wrote as well as published a widely accepted research paper in Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law Journal Vol. 2 in July of 2020 that highlights the importance of Hydrogen peroxide and Iodine in the treatment of respiratory infections similar to COVID-19.

His paper is titled “A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies,” and his methodology for peroxide and iodine nebulization is termed the Brownstein Protocol.

Dr. Brownstein has countless fans from people following his protocols and being cured from diseases like cancer and other serious diseases, one of whom wrote the best selling book “The Iodine Crisis: What You Don't Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life”, Lynne Farrow. 

What Led To Dr. Brownstein’s Discovery Of The COVID-19 Treatment?

He has outlined the specific circumstances that led to his current protocol:

The history dates back to when he started practicing holistic medicine, which was around 28 years ago. Every fall and winter, he would undoubtedly see individuals suffering from influenza and illnesses similar to it, so he began looking for solutions to boost people's immune systems.

Some of this information is described in Dr. David Brownstein's book “A Holistic Approach to Viruses” where he goes through 107 case studies, describing rescuing people from near death using this protocol. Since then he has cured over 3000 people.

Vitamin C and D:

At first, he used vitamin C as well as vitamin D. In 1992, he first began monitoring patients’ vitamin D levels. He discovered that an overwhelming majority of his patients, nearly 90%, were suffering from vitamin D deficiency. He noted that those who suffered from more chronic illnesses and were generally sicker typically had lower vitamin D levels.

Vitamin A:

He then considered the importance of vitamin A. He promptly incorporated vitamin A into his treatment routine after studying the research as to how measles infections in third-world nations may be treated with excess exposure to vitamin A in the patients.


Several years later, Dr. Brownstein turned his focus to iodine. Iodine directly kills viruses. It affects the immune system. It aids in the production of hydrogen peroxide by white blood cells, which is used to combat bacterial and viral infections in addition to having thyroid effects.

The patients initially received high doses of vitamins A, C, and D for around four days before iodine was introduced to the therapy plan.

Results Of The Initial Treatments:

What Dr. Brownstein discovered was that when he glanced at the reported rates of health problems with these illnesses, his patients did not contract pneumonia, did not end up in the hospital, and did not pass away from the flu or other influenza-like illnesses at rates that were even remotely close to what they should have.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Dr. Brownstein heard about hydrogen peroxide when enrolled in a course on oxidative medicine. He and his team then began using intravenous or IV hydrogen peroxide as well as nebulized hydrogen peroxide, midway through the 1990s, to be exact. He has been utilizing nebulized peroxide in clinical settings for 25 years, which is more time than anyone else in the field.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide And Iodine Nebulization Even Safe?

Despite the many benefits of nebulizing with peroxide and iodine, there are certain symptoms you must expect as nebulized hydrogen peroxide is a pro-oxidant. When taken in small doses irrespective of food intake, 3% nebulized peroxide may cause dry throat as well as minor temporary symptoms. However Dr. Brownstein is recommending a 100x weaker solution of 0.03%, this is about 2 drops (0.05mL) of HP in 5mL of sodium chloride, which is very safe and comfortable to nebulize with.

Aside from that, hydrogen peroxide (HP) and iodine nebulization is indeed completely risk-free. With near to no negative effects discovered in 25 years of use by Dr. Brownstein. You may also use it at home without a prescription, and it is quite affordable. It is among the very best treatments available for viral diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 or even more serious respiratory viruses that are anticipated to be mutated in the future. Only use food grade HP. Not the shelf stabilized pharmacy versions. 

We have come across another doctor who teaches the HP protocol. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, recommends HP nebulization with 3% HP and does not include iodine in his protocol. You can download his book here:

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins and STOP America's #1 Killer!; plus several other groundbreaking medical books. He is one of the world's leading vitamin C experts and frequently lectures to medical professionals all over the globe about the proper role of vitamin C and antioxidants in the treatment of a host of medical conditions and diseases.

Dr. Levy is featured in the magazine Woman’s World in an article “Finally…I can breath again!” The article centers around a woman cured from COVID using the HP nebulization method, no surprise there. However she also got cured from her long standing asthma attacks, sinus pain, headaches, dizziness and congestion. 

A Patient Case Study:

A 67 year old man patient's case is described by Dr. Brownstein. After displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 for seven to eight days, the patient was unable to breathe and went to the hospital, where he was identified as having bilateral pneumonia. Because there were no available beds, he was discharged from the hospital after only two days of therapy, which included oxygen, despite feeling only marginally better.

With the instruction to return to the hospital only if he was unable to breathe, he was sent home on nothing but oxygen. He felt defeated, thinking he might die from this disease like many others before him. As a last resort, he ended up contacting Dr. Brownstein and told him what had occurred.

Dr. Brownstein assured the patient that no harm would come to him. When inquired whether or not he owned a nebulizer, the patient replied, "No."

Dr. Brownstein instructed that he needed to be started on nebulization immediately. His wife was sent to fetch a handheld nebulizer, and with decades of expertise at their disposal, Brownstein and his team prepared the nebulizing solution to be delivered to the patient’s home along with the nebulizer.

By day's end, Dr. Brownstein gave the patient a call. After the second nebulizer treatment, the patient claimed that his lungs began to open up. He stated that he had completed three nebulizer treatments.  The patient's worries lessened, and he stopped feeling like he was going to die. His overall condition saw an astounding improvement of about 70%.

But not like he was completely cured, he was still coughing and struggling to breathe. He reported feeling significantly better following the third treatment. The treatment seemed to be working perfectly.

How Effective Is Nebulizing With Peroxide And Iodine?

This narrative is consistent with the experiences of many people who have undergone the treatment. They felt noticeably better after two sessions. Their respiration had restored just after the third treatment, and they were on the road to a complete recovery.

There are not many alternative treatments that are effective within hours. Dr. Brownstein concurs that this scenario matches what he has seen in his own patients. He reports that usually, after nebulization, everything feels a lot better within a matter of hours.

This is also collaborated by a board-certified cardiologist and the author of the books “STOP America's #1 Killer!” and the “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins,” among others, Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD. He wrote in his book “Rapid Virus Recovery” that:

“The inhalation of HP (Hydrogen peroxide) by nebulization has been shown to be extremely effective for the rapid elimination of any pathogen presence in the sinuses, nose, throat, and deep into the lungs.”

However, it is also vital to know that handheld nebulizers do not really work as well as they should. A few of Dr. Brownstein’s patients also tried using the same solution with a portable nebulizer that the aforementioned patient had. The treatment was not working when they called him back to report on the progress of the treatment.

It was later found out that it worked better once they had a desktop model nebulizer with a little more strength. Therefore, Dr. Brownstein generally advises against using a handheld nebulizer as a result. It is recommended to implement a desktop model instead as it is somewhat more powerful.

The Response To Dr. Brownstein’s Discovery:

When asked about the reactions from other doctors to his blog posts regarding the treatment, Dr. Brownstein shared that in the middle of the crisis, as he was blogging, doctors from all over the nation began contacting him, particularly from New York and New Jersey. Many were medical professionals working at hospitals. They were completely clueless as to what to do as all the treatments at that time were ineffective.

First and foremost, doctors want treatment for their family, and secondly, they want to assist their patients. Once Dr. Brownstein published his findings, he consequently started to hear from doctors. They were intrigued. He learned from a few nearby medical professionals that they sent the patients they were unable to treat to Dr. Brownstein and his team.

These patients recovered. Dr. Brownstein received numerous emails, text messages, and phone calls from doctors asking how the treatment worked. It was actually the first time everyone wanted to know what he was doing. Therefore, due to so much demand, Dr. Brownstein decided to create a protocol in dire times of the pandemic so that anyone at home could find relief from respiratory infections.

How To Nebulize Against COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections With The Brownstein Protocol?

MeriMist Compressor Nebulizer MPN-001

This model has been found to be excellent. Dr. David Brownstein selected this model after testing most of the units available on the US market.

It is crucial to remember that when using home remedies, the instructions must be fully understood and followed. It is also crucial to discontinue using the remedy immediately if there ever appears to be distress or a negative reaction.

As aforementioned, Desktop Nebulizers are recommended as a starting point for nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. You should also keep in mind to only ever use food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

It’s simplest to use the ready to use and pre-measured sodium chloride solution provided for your in 5mL vials, such as those:

Nebulizer Set Up:

  1. Connect the tubes to the nebulizer at the instructed places.
  2. Open the nebulizer and put the following formula based on instructions provided in Dr. David Brownstein's book "Viruses" drop by drop into the medical cup provided with the nebulizer:

Dr. David Brownstein's Formula For Nebulizer:

5 mL

Sodium chloride (standard saline solution)

1-2 drops

3% Hydrogen peroxide (food-grade) Don’t use the pharmacy brands since they are manufactured with stabilizers

1-2 drops

Lugol’s 2% Iodine (food-grade)

  1. Turn the machine on.
  2. Put on the mask and breathe through the fumes deeply.
  3. Have a tissue handy because you may want to wipe your eyes or blow your nose.
  4. Only nebulize for 7 minutes. If you nebulize longer than 10 minutes you are most likely recirculating your nasal drippings - no need to do that.

You can also create your own saline solution. You might also opt to buy a high-quality saline solution for inhalation.

Standard Saline Solution Preparation:

  1. Fill a glass jar with 8 ounces of distilled water. It's crucial that you only use distilled water and not regular tap water.
  2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of pure salt to the jar. It can be Real Salt, Celtic Salt, or Himalayan Salt.

To dissolve, stir the mixture.

The Effect Of Dr. Brownstein’s Protocol On FDA and Medical Science:

Not only does the Brownstein hydrogen peroxide and iodine formula for nebulizing discredited patented treatments, simply because it's much more effective and easier to administer. But it also casts a light on how broken our health system is. Here we are in the middle of 2022 with 6.5 million people dead from COVID and financial devastation that has prompted a pandemic rescue of $24 trillion.  Why didn’t our health care leaders recommend nebulizing with HP and iodine? Nebulization was popular in the US in the 1950s (even people in ancient Egypt used nebulizers) and similarly HP and the use of iodine started in the 1800s. The benefits of those methods and compounds should be well understood. 

However since all of this is out of patent there is no money in promoting those methods. The systems governing scientific research are without a question money motivated and our government agencies are completely co-opted into the for-profit “revolving door” money grubbing pharma industrial complex. 

The situation is HOPELESS. Like with cancer research, we as a society have completely failed. As mentioned in my favorite article on cancer, published in FORTUNE Magazine, Why We're Losing The War On Cancer [And How To Win It], "It's like a Greek tragedy," observes Andy Grove, the chairman of Intel and a prostate-cancer survivor, who for years has tried to shake this cultural mindset as a member of several cancer advisory groups. "Everybody plays his individual part to perfection, everybody does what's right by his own life, and the total just doesn't work." Of course NOTHING good has happened in the world of patented oncology. Doctors in that world are worse than useless. The only good book published about cancer since 2004 is the book mentioned above, “The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow.

Effective cure for the lingering “Long-COVID” cough!
The hydrogen peroxide nebulization reaches deep into the lungs, throat and sinuses and kills everything in its way. People report getting rid of Long-COVID-19 symptoms and other symptoms such as allergy symptoms. Mold survivors regain their health also. 


The reasons are obvious for why nebulization was not allowed to save us from the COVID misery - It's a fact nebulizing with HP and iodine could have saved 6.5 million lives and over $24 trillion dollars.

Dr. David Brownstein used hydrogen peroxide nebulization long before COVID as an effective treatment for respiratory infections. This simple, safe, and affordable treatment can be administered in any home with a nebulizer. Despite some concerns about safety, most patients report no adverse effects from using nebulized hydrogen peroxide and iodine. In fact, many find it helpful in relieving their symptoms quickly.

Due to the overwhelming response to his discovery, Dr. David Brownstein has created a protocol for those wishing to treat respiratory infections through nebulization at home. This protocol calls for a mixture of Lugol’s 2% iodine solution and 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted with standard saline solution preparation.

Don’t let the powers that be lie to you that “further research is needed” it's their go to standard bullshit. Research that never will be funded is needed to substantiate natural cures. 

We live in a morally bankrupt society. You are on your own. And please don’t ask a kid to study hard to become a doctor! Most doctors unfortunately and unintentionally become pharmaceutical sales reps with few exceptions such as surgeons and doctors as Dr. David Brownstein, MD and Thomas E. Levy, MD. Instead most aspiring doctors should instead study naturopathy, a more open minded system. In my estimation less than 1% of doctors are independent thinkers as the two docs mentioned above. It's harder than you think to be independent when you owe student loans, have invested 10 years into your specialty and when working with a license you can lose, while working in a hospital which provides a rigid structure and will penalize you, fire you, or have your license revoked. 

I know good doctors that work overtime for free but still shell out prescriptions because patients look at ads that trick them to think they need those drugs. Patients pay so much in insurance that they feel like the doctor should give them the expensive drugs advertised on TV. No, don't go this way! Don’t become a doctor!

If you are feeling ill with a respiratory infection, please consider trying this protocol under the guidance of your Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and/or talk to your doctor. Beware that your doctor may unintentionally kill you by encouraging you not to use this method because of the lack of research into the subject. I guarantee you the government will NEVER research anything helpful if it is not patentable.


  • Eddy

    It is true what you say, this is a lost technique, when I was a kid (I am asthmatic)doctors used to nebulize with iodine, but in the 90’s this technique disappeared to open the field to hand held inhalers like ventolin, etc,thanks for bringing back something as useful as this.

  • Joel

    This saved my life and I wouldn’t be here if I listened to the FDA…

  • Randall Johnson

    I’ve been following Dr. Thomas E. Levy since December of 2016. I have Dysphagia and COPD. I have had 8 documented pneumonias since 2003 among other lung and sinus infections. In 2016 I learned about Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C, and used only that to kill off my last 2 pneumonias. I have watched every lecture, every symposium, and one on one interviews with Dr. Levy I could find, along with so many other great minds of natural medicine. I started nebulizing food grade hydrogen peroxide every day for almost 2 years now. I do about 2-2+1/2 milliliters morning and night mixed with my prescribed saline solution. My pulmonary doctor is stunned by what I’ve found over the last 20 years. I once had an oxygen level of 108 at one of my visits. Did that blow his mind! Nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide has changed my life!! Before I had barely no voice, and had to tense the muscles around my lungs to get air out to speak. Today I breath and talk with ease! My lungs are so strong it’s mind boggling. I never caught covid, though I continued socializing without a mask, and without fear. Dr. Levy has brought up the importance of iodine, and I am looking to add iodine and sodium ascorbate to my nebulizing with any sign of infection. Thanks to all the great doctors who have gone outside the box of big pharma to give us both inexpensive and excellent ways of staying at our best! Randall Johnson.

  • Kevin

    Excellent article. My only question is, how many times per day can you nebulize with 2 drops of lugol’s iodine? I was always told to only take 2 drops of iodine per day?

  • Shelley Clunie

    I got an upper respiratory lung infection from cockroach feces and the doc nebulized me with albuterol in the office and I was on albuterol for over a month with a new doctor declaring me chronic. I read this protocol using HP and iodine and sent for food grade Lugol’s iodine and spray bottle of 3percent HP. I purchased ampules of sodium chloride. I have only nebulized the mixture once a day for seven minutes. This is the fourth day and no more wracking coughs. There is a vestige of a cough at night, but I am breathing so much better!

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