"Niacin: The Real Story" By Andrew W. Saul, Abram Hoffer, Harold D. Foster

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Review of "Niacin: The Real StoryBy Andrew W. Saul, Abram Hoffer, Harold D. Foster

In this book, "Niacin: The Real Story" the authors offer a comprehensive look at the powerful health benefits of niacin (Vitamin B3) and advocate for its widespread use in preventing and treating various health issues. The book is co-authored by Dr. Andrew W. Saul, Dr. Abram Hoffer, and Dr. Harold D. Foster, who are prominent figures in orthomolecular medicine—a field that focuses on the use of natural substances to promote wellness.

“Many illnesses can be cured with high doses of niacin” -Dr. Andrew W. Saul

Key themes and insights from the book:

  1. Orthomolecular Approach: The book emphasizes an orthomolecular approach to medicine, which involves using substances naturally found in the body in optimal amounts to treat illnesses and promote health.
  2. Therapeutic Uses: It discusses how niacin can be used to manage and treat a range of conditions, including:
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Mental health disorders such as schizophrenia
    • Arthritis
    • High cholesterol levels
  3. Historical Context: The book presents historical case studies, such as the work of Dr. William Kaufman, who successfully treated thousands of arthritic patients with niacin.
  4. Dosage Recommendations: Detailed guidance on forms and therapeutic doses of niacin is provided, helping readers understand how to use this vitamin effectively and safely.
  5. Preventative Health: The authors argue for niacin's role in preventative health care, suggesting that it can help avoid the onset of several chronic conditions.
  6. Scientific Evidence: The book is backed by compelling scientific evidence and clinical experience, making a strong case for the therapeutic potential of niacin.
  7. Personal Stories and Testimonials: Personal anecdotes and testimonials are included to illustrate the transformative impact of niacin therapy on individual lives.

By combining historical insights, scientific research, and practical advice, "Niacin: The Real Story" educates readers about the significant health benefits of niacin and encourages its use as a viable treatment option for numerous health concerns.

Evidence for Naicin's Benefits:

  1. Niacin and Mental Functioning

A review of controlled trials in humans examined the role of niacin and vitamin B6 in mental functioning. The study found that niacin contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, which is beneficial to mental health. The review highlighted that niacin might help alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression1.

  1. Niacin in Lipid Metabolism

Research on niacin's effect on lipid metabolism revealed its lipid-altering properties. The study discussed how niacin can significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels, making it a valuable treatment for hyperlipidemias. However, it also noted some limitations and potential side effects when used in combination with other medications like statins2.

  1. Dietary Niacin and Bone Health

A study investigated the association between dietary niacin intake and bone health, specifically focusing on incident hip fractures, bone mineral density (BMD), and body composition. It concluded that higher dietary intake of niacin is associated with improved bone health outcomes, thus potentially reducing the risk of fractures and improving overall skeletal health3.

These studies demonstrate the diverse health benefits of niacin, ranging from mental health support to cardiovascular health and bone health.

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    For some things niacinamide works just as well BUT you have to be sure that niacin itself isn’t needed. Read the book or my favorite web site: Andrew Saul’s doctoryourself.com. I used it as research/footnote links for two MS degrees.

  • Davene McCoy

    Is Niacinamide as effective as the flush type Niacin? Would be good to know. For women the FLUSH from the Noacin is rough!

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