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Mamavation is a website started by Leah Segedie after learning the dangers of toxic chemicals in our food supply. After searching for the cause of her family members' symptoms, she discovered that most modern diseases are caused by pesticides, heavy metals, and other endocrine disrupters.

She conducted hundreds of interviews with physicians and experts to write a book and blog, which became the website and subscriber-based community, Mamavation.  

"Long story short, Mamavation is about empowering women through eco-wellness. And really that means a focus on wellness as a lifestyle, health for everyone, and sustainability."

One of the most innovative features of this online community is the investigations that they commission to test common products for toxins like PFAS forever chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

Types of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals


A recent investigation examined the amount of mycotoxins and pesticides in various coffee brands. Mycotoxins are usually the result of improper storage and handling of particularly powdered ingredients, like spices, grains, and other dried goods. Given people's fondness for multiple cups of coffee, Mamavation thought it was prudent to test for this highly toxic set of chemicals released from mold spores. She also had the coffee brands tested for over 500 different pesticides, PFAS and flourine. Of the ten brands tested, only one had dangerous levels of PFAS, pesticides and fluorine, which was Purity Coffee, ironically. The rest of the brands tested free of all pesticides and mycotoxins. See the results here.

See All Mamavation's Invetigations

Symtoms of Pesticide Exposure

Due to the inhibition of the enzyme, AChE, pesticides increase the accumulation of acetylcholine throughout the nervous system, resulting in hyperstimulation of certain receptors and neurotransmitters. The most common symptoms of exposure are fatigue, paresthesia, headache, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Tips for Detoxifying Pesticides:

Research has shown that some fermented foods naturally detoxify residual pesticides thanks to the lactic acid bacteria. The researchers identified the top food contaminate with pesticides, such as milk, yogurt, fermented vegetables like kimchi, pickles and olives, fruit juices, grains and wine. They found that the microflora that naturall ferment, or that are added to food, created detoxification mechanisms such as the oxidation of pesticides, or their breakdown through enzymatic activity (2).

The best supplements for pesticide are natural antioxidants. Research has shown, for example, that NAC actually reverses liver damage induced by the pesticide monocrotophos, as indicated in models where rats were exposed. The NAC treatment increased glutathione, restored antioxidant enzymes, and prevented lipid and protein peroxidation (3). Other supplements combine iodine, pectin, and fulvic acid to bind pesticides, even glyphosate. 

To limit exposure to pesticides, wash your fruits and vegetables with a wash of 1 cup water, 1 cup vignegar, 1 TBSP baking soda, and 1/2 organic lemon juice, and let stand for 5 minutes after spraying on produce. Since the pesticides accumulate and become incorporated into the skin of produce, it's best to peel any and all fruits and vegetables, even if organic. 


1). Grindler, Natalia & Allsworth, Jenifer & Macones, George & Roehl, Kimberly & Cooper, Amber. (2015). Persistent Organic Pollutants and Early Menopause in U.S. Women. PloS one. 10. e0116057. 10.1371/journal.pone.0116057. 



  • Nelson

    For the list of good coffees, they are:
    Bulletproof The Original Sweet & Smooth Clean Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast (Use discount code “MAMAVATION” for 25 % off products.)
    Danger Coffee Feel Dangerously Good Medium Roast Single Origin Whole Bean — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast. (Use discount code “MAMAVATION” for 15% off products.)
    Death Wish Coffee Co. Ground Organic Espresso Roast — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast
    Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Coffee Grown by Small Farmers Ground Organic Mind, Body & Soul Blend of Medium & Vienna Roasts — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast
    Isagenix Organic Blend Coffee Green Tea + MCTS + Trace Minerals — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, & yeast
    Lifeboost Coffee Dark Roast Ground from Central American Non-GMO Pure Low Acid — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast (Use discount code “MAMAVATION” for 15% off products till August 1st)
    Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast Tasting Notes Chocolate Truffle, Smoke, Caramel USDA Organic Ground — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, & yeast
    Scout & Cellar Scouting Grounds Roasting Company House Blend –non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, & yeast (Use discount code “welcome15” for 15% off new customers orders)
    Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Honduran Marcala 100% arabica NonGMO Low Acidity Small Batch Roasted Medium Dark Roast Ground — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold & yeast
    The Bean Organic Coffee Company Organic Aloha Bean (Hawaiin Hazelnut) Medium Roast Ground — non-detect for 500+ pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, & yeast (Use discount code “MAMAVATION” for 10% off products!)

  • Claudette

    Keep up the good work. We need more honest research like this.

  • jackie

    where is the coffee list of good coffees? why is it hidden or non-existent? I have never seen such a non-user friendly site.. very frustrateing

  • S is great and so helpful in choosing the best brands to buy and what not to buy. You’ll be shocked when you see how many products as well as foods are full of forever chemicals. Just because one item in a brand is safe, doesn’t mean they all are.

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