Quick ParaZap Cleanse, 520 mg 135 capsules

Dr. Clark Store SKU: 50945-135-PP
Dr. Clark Store Quick ParaZap Cleanse, 520 mg 135 capsules
Dr. Clark Store Quick ParaZap Cleanse supplement facts
Dr. Clark Store Quick Cleanse flowchart
Dr. Clark Store products are chemically pure, solvent free and additive free.
Dr. Clark Store products are tested for microbiology, heavy metals, and identity. We also test products for certain toxins using Dr. Clark’s biofeedback device called a Syncrometer.
Dr. Clark Store products are manufactured without flow agents like magnesium stearate, which interfere with nutrient absorption.
Gelatin capsules are a purer alternative to “veggie” capsules, which are made from tree pulp and chemicals. Our BSE and TSE free gelatin capsules are made with gelatin from cattle hide – never from bones.
Dr. Clark Store products are high quality, chemically pure, and made in GMP verified facility.

Quick ParaZap Cleanse, 520 mg 135 capsules

Dr. Clark Store SKU: 50945-135-PP
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  • The Original Dr. Hulda Clark Products
  • Leader in Purity Since 1993
  • Certified and Audited GMP
  • 18-day cleanse
  • No change in diet needed
  • Potent intestinal microbial cleanse*

Detailed instructions are included with purchase. You can also view them here.

This is an 18-day long cleanse. The Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse consists of a group of herbs and nutraceuticals that work in a synergistic manner for optimal cleansing. All the products in this cleanse are made in accordance with both cGMP and Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols.

The Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse contains a unique combination of pure, fresh ingredients that provide powerful cleansing support when used as directed. This cleanse supports the body’s natural defenses with compounds that discourage the proliferation of foreign organisms known to occupy the human body, bringing about balance between the body and microorganisms. Ideal for pet owners and people returning form abroad.

You can provide your body with the herbal support it needs to maintain good health despite dangerous critters. Our bodies have developed natural defenses to combat microorganisms. The herbs in Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse have been used traditionally to support normal microbial cleanse function. This cleanse reestablishes a beneficial microbial balance so easily lost in a world full of imported foods, pets and international travel. Ethnographic and herbal studies over recent years tend to support this traditional use of the herbs in this cleanse.*

If you are new to parasite cleansing or you are just looking for the most effective cleanse, do the original Para Cleanse – it is more potent than the Quick ParaZap Cleanse.

Systemic Effect for the Whole Body:
The Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse has what Dr. Clark called “systemic” effects. This means it has effects throughout your body. The effects of this cleanse are not primarily in the colon. The colon is greatly aided by the Cloves and Wormwood, whereas the entire body is influenced by the GREEN Black Walnut Hull.

Can’t Sleep?
A common problem with the Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse is that people cannot sleep due to microorganisms releasing ammonia as they are killed off. Dr. Hulda Clark theorized that this ammonia gets into the brain and keeps people awake. For this problem Dr. Clark found that taking up to 8 capsules of Ornithine helps tremendously. Dr. Clark taught that Ornithine helps detox ammonia in the body. Ornithine not only helps you sleep, it also gives you vivid dreams. For enhanced results take Ornithine with Melatonin and Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Gastrointestinal bugs can affect us in various ways; symptoms are not always detected, but may include:


Disturbed sleep

Joint pain

Pain in the navel

Sugar cravings

Bed wetting


Muscle cramps

Post-nasal drip

Teeth grinding

Brain fog

Irregular bowels

Mood swings

Ravenous hunger


Digestive complaints


Overall fatigue

Rectal itching


Foreign organisms can enter the body in various ways:
• From others: kids and adults alike with microorganisms, from pets, mosquitoes, snails*
• Ingestion: water, fruits, vegetables, raw or rare meat or fish (sushi)*
• Inhalation: tiny eggs float on dust particles, especially if we have pets*
• Trough our skin: especially the bottom of our feet*

Dr. Clark theorized that due to the increased exposure of chemicals, especially solvents, the human body has become increasingly vulnerable to microorganisms throughout the body.

Should you need immediate help with occasional constipation try Cascara Sagrada. Make sure you don’t take such herbs on an ongoing basis; it should only be used in emergencies. The best way to regain and maintain excellent colon health is to take the 4 cleanses (Digestive Aid, ParaZap, Kidney Cleanse, Liver Cleanse).

To get the greatest possible benefits from our cleanses please consider the following carefully:

  1. Stay on the ParaZap Cleanse Weekly Maintenance Program for a minimum of 4 weeks to a year. The benefits are cumulative as the Maintenance Program continues to minimize the effect microorganisms have due to continuous re-exposure. Dr. Clark believed that in order to gain 100% of the benefit of the cleanse, it was best to stay on the Maintenance dose indefinitely. This helps free up your body’s energy for issues that need attention rather than relentlessly fighting microorganisms.*

  2. The Dr. Clark Digestive Aid works synergistically with the ParaZap Cleanse. For even better results take those two programs over the same time period. You will gain on two fronts at the same time; while the ParaZap Cleanse will balance foreign organisms systemically throughout your body the Digestive Aid will optimize your digestion in both your stomach and intestines.*

  3. The Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse further helps digestion by enhancing the liver’s bile production that in turn helps you digest fat.*

  4. Finally don’t let your kidneys go it alone! Remember that your healthy kidneys can benefit from the Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse.*

Turmeric, cardamom seed, nutmeg, coriander seed, wormwood, fennel seed, anise seed, cloves, green freeze dried hull (from black walnut tree), gelatin (bovine) capsule

Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule on an empty stomach at least 13 minutes before a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Or follow the included instructions for the 18-day cleanse protocol. 

Allergen Warning: Contains tree nuts (walnut).

Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the capsule size?
A: Capsule size 0.

Q: What type of capsule does this product come in?
A: This comes in a gelatin capsule. The gelatin is derived from bovine hide (beef skin).

Q: How is the Quick ParaZap different from the other Para Cleanse kits that you sell?
A: The Quick ParaZap Cleanse was designed to be a more convenient way to do the Para Cleanse. The combination of essential cleansing herbs into one capsule makes the cleanse suitable for traveling or for busy schedules. However, the traditional Para Cleanse kits with cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hull taken separately are more potent and have a more systemic effect over the Quick ParaZap.

Q: Can I use this product instead of the traditional Para Cleanse kits that you sell?
A: You can follow the included 18-day instructions for an alternative to the traditional Para Cleanse, however, the traditional cleanse is more potent and has a more systemic effect. You can also use the Quick ParaZap capsules for the recommended weekly Para Cleanse Maintenance Program, but again the traditional Maintenance Program using cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hull separately is more effective.

    *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. As with any dietary supplement, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have any medical condition, or if you are taking any medication before using this product. Always consult with a healthcare professional before giving supplements to children. Please read full disclaimer here.
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