Conductive Cloth; Snap Electrode 35 x 45 mm, 4 pk

Conductive Cloths for SyncroZap A11 (4 pack)
Adhesive side of Conductive Cloths for SyncroZap A11

Conductive Cloth; Snap Electrode 35 x 45 mm, 4 pk

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Adhesive electrodes designed to stick to the body. The removable electrodes are a convenient way to connect the zapper to a specific spot on your body.

Compatible with SyncroZap A10 and A11 models.

Zapper FAQ

Directions for Use

  1. Check that the package containing the electrodes and the gel is intact; if the package is visibly dented or damaged do not use the product.
  2. Choose an area free from hairs, skin lesions or scars, folds in the skin, or bony protuberances, which is not in the vicinity of metallic prostheses.
  3. Clean and dry the application surfaces.
  4. Avoid the use of solvents as these could cause skin irritation and reduce adherence of electrode. In the case of using alcohol, make sure that this has completely evaporated or dried up before applying the electrodes.
  5. Connect the electrode to the coiled cable of the SyncoZap.
  6. Check the functioning of the system before beginning the procedure.
  7. If the procedure is interrupted, check the functioning of the system again before recommencing the session.
  8. Remove the liner and apply the electrode to the skin surface.
  9. Before switching on the electrostimulator, check the perfect adherence of the electrode to the skin surface.


The package must be stored at a temperature between 5C and 30C and relative humidity between 20% and 80%. Keep out of reach of children.

A reduced contact between the skin and the electrode may cause the electric current to concentrate in one point and provoke burning.

During the procedure, select always energy level the lowest possible. If the stimulation capacity is lower than normal , do not increase the output without first having checked that the cable and the connectors have been correctly connected and that all the surface of the electrode is in contact with the patient’s skin.

Interrupt the treatment if the patient complains about discomfort or a burning sensation. After the session, turn of f the electrostimulator, disconnect the cable from the electrode and gently remove the electrode by lifting it up by one corner.

Rapid removal of the electrode could cause skin traumas. DO NOT remove by pulling the connection part of the cable.

The product is supplied not sterile.
This is a disposable product, do not re-use.
The device must be connected and started up by qualified personnel.

Do not use the product if:
Alterations are observed in the gel.
Visible damage is present on the electrode or the connecting cable.
The gel is dry or not homogeneous.
The contact between the electrode and skin is incomplete or unstable.
The equipment and the connecting leads used with this device must all be compliant with the regulations in force.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct use of cables and equipment.
Do not use products on patients with progressive episodes of skin irritation or contact allergies.
Do not apply electrodes on skin affected by abrasions, erythema or wounds.
Do not use the electrodes after the “use before” date indicated on the label.
Keep the packet closed in order to prevent the unused electrodes from becoming dehydrated.
Do not re-position the electrode.

The product must not be used by pregnant women, Epileptic patients, people with pacemakers, and by those with progressive episodes of skin irritation or contact allergies.

*We ask you to please NOT ask us if the zappers can treat any aliments or disease. It is our policy to not discuss any health related issues to any of our customers. We cannot advise on treatments for conditions, including equipment. The zappers and accessories are sold for research and entertainment purposes only.

This is not a medical item and can’t be advocated for use for any medical purposes.

This item is for spiritual, religious, entertainment and research purposes only.

An example of spiritual use is for example the plate zapping of precious stones such as a blue sapphire, red ruby or a diamond in the tradition of Indian Jyotish. This may pick up the sattvic nature of the gems placed on the plates. Try it – it’s wonderful!

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark protocols or production methods does not imply that our products can be proven to be any better than other similar products when using US government approved science. Please read full disclaimer here.


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