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Personal Care

While Dr. Hulda Clark was an advocate for pure nutritional supplements, she was also a firm believer in using the purest personal care products too. Store shelves are rife with skin care, hair care, and dental hygiene products containing synthetic chemicals, dyes, and heavy metals that are toxic to the body and the environment.

The skin may act as a protective barrier between your organs and the harsh environment outside, but it’s not impenetrable. Your skin is like a sponge with pores waiting to absorb whatever concoctions you put on it. Every time you use soap, lotion, shampoo, or deodorant you’re absorbing the product’s ingredients. That list of toxic ingredients can include parabens that disrupt the endocrine system, polyethylene glycol (PEG) that interferes with skin cell growth, heavy metals linked to degenerative brain disorders, and synthetic dyes linked to cancer.

Don’t overload your body with unnecessary toxins from conventional personal care items. Shop our selection of natural skin care products, including lotions and hand-made natural soaps, chemical-free shampoos and styling products, and aluminum-free deodorants. And don’t forget that beautiful smile. Choose one of our natural tooth powders or oral brushing rinses that are guaranteed to be free of fluoride and anything else unnatural. 

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