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If you’ve read the works of Dr. Hulda Clark, she references additional electronic devices to aid her cleansing protocols. Browse our selection of recommended Dr. Clark equipment to complement your cleanses and boost the power of your immune system.

We carry Dr. Clark’s frequency device, what she calls a Zapper, to aid the body’s healing capabilities without the standard use of chemical pharmaceuticals that often have toxic effects. Instead the Zapper uses electrical frequencies to disrupt the natural current of pathogens and toxins in the body.

And if you’re zapping, you can also explore the use of bottle copies, essentially water samples imprinted with a particular organ’s electrical frequency to maximize the zapping effect in targeted areas of the body. Get the supplies you need to make your own bottle copies, if you’ve been properly trained, or purchase professionally made bottle copies in a number of specific organ frequencies.

We also carry a portable ozone therapy device, an ozonator, so you can make your own ozonated olive oil, as called for in Dr. Clark’s mop-up program for parasites. You can also use an ozonator to sanitize food and water, purify air, and give your bathwater a relaxing, spa-like feel.