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Is Railway Zapping Dangerous or a Lifesaver?

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If you’re a follower of Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols, and especially if you’ve read her books, you’re familiar with using electrical current to reset the body’s path to health and proper functionality.

But even people who may have never heard of Dr. Clark before swear by the same theory of the healing powers of electrical stimulation, albeit by a method that’s a bit more shocking. 

Can electric current cure disease?
Can electric current cure disease? There is evidence that it can, when correctly administered. Dr. Hulda Clark, in her book The Cure for All Diseases , talks about her research with the Frequency Generator Zapper. Dr. Clark tested millions of frequencies in order to discover the actual resonating frequencies of pathogens, and destroyed these same pathogens by zapping at the actual resonant frequency of each and every parasite, virus, and bacteria.

Railway zapping
But railway zapping? Curing disease with electricity flowing through railroad tracks? While there is no scientific evidence that it works, poverty-stricken folks in Indonesia are placing their hopes in this procedure. They believe that the electrical energy carried by the railroad tracks can cure the diseases that plague them.

Miracle cure
It all began when a paralyzed man tried to kill himself by being crushed by a train, and while lying on the tracks he was, as the story goes, suddenly and miraculously healed. As the story spread, train tracks in impoverished areas in northern Jakarta began drawing as many as 50 to 100 pilgrims a day per location looking to be healed by electric current.

Railroad authorities posted a warning sign but folks seeking cures were persistent. Despite the warning signs, cure seekers are crowding railroad yards, looking to electrocute themselves along the rails because they believe that railway zapping can cure their ills—from aches and pains to diabetes, cancer, and paralysis.

Access denied
There is no medical or scientific evidence to support the treatment, says Murti Utami, a spokeswoman for Indonesia's Health Ministry. Officials have forbidden people to enter the sites and threatened penalties of up to three months in prison or fines of $1,800. However, it is difficult to police train tracks in Jakarta, which stretch out in all directions across the city, often with people living bunched up alongside. "We encourage these people to seek professional medical help," Ms. Utami said. “Indonesia offers free health care for its citizens, so anyone in need should go to a government clinic.”

Medical costs too high
But there is another side. Indonesians have been concerned about the quality of health care in government-run clinics, which they say are underfunded and overcrowded. Indonesia has high rates of diseases such as dengue fever and tuberculosis. Indonesian health standards, in some instances, lag behind neighboring countries, with high maternal mortality, according to the World Health Organization. The government provides clinics, but most people cannot afford them. Poverty-stricken Indonesians, always suspicious of Western medical practices, turn in desperation to faith healers, herbal-medicine doctors, and miraculous cures.

Although prevailing opinion states that curing disease by railway zapping is nonsense, the jury is far from in on this one, and it may have happened that a valuable therapeutic option has been discovered by ordinary people.

This technique delivers a noticeable jolt of electricity to the body so it’s not for everyone, nor is it legal for public safety concerns. One of Dr. Clark’s zappers, however, is painless and completely legal. 


Disclaimer: We do not recommend the practice of railway zapping. This article is shared for information purposes only. Please always do thorough research and seek advice from a qualified health professional when considering alternative health therapies. 

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